based on E.H. Nickel & M.C. Nichols (2009), H. Strunz & E.H. Nickel (2001)

(Sulfides, Selenides, Tellurides, Arsenides, Antimonides, Bismuthides, Sulfarsenites, Sulfantimonites, Sulfbismuthites, etc.)

2.D: Metalsulfides, M: S = 3: 4 and 2 : 3

2.DA. Metalsulfides with M : S = 3 : 4
2.DA.05. Linnaeite group [Spinel supergroup]
Linnaeite CoCo2S4 cub., Fd-3m G
Siegenite CoNi2S4 cub., Fd-3m FOTO G
Polydymite NiNi2S4 cub., Fd-3m FOTO G
Violarite FeNi2S4 cub., Fd-3m G
Greigite FeFe2S4 cub., Fd-3m FOTO IMA 1963-007
Carollite Cu(Co,Ni)2S4 cub., Fd-3m FOTO G
Fletcherite Cu(Ni,Co)2S4 cub., Fd-3m FOTO IMA 1976-044
Bornhardtite CoCo2Se4 cub., Fd-3m G
Trüstedtite NiNi2Se4 cub., Fd-3m A
Tyrrellite Cu(Co,Ni)2Se4 cub., Fd-3m G
Joegoldsteinite MnCr2S4 cub., Fd-3m IMA 2015-049
Daubréelite FeCr2S4 cub., Fd-3m FOTO G
Florensovite Cu(Cr1.5Sb0.5)S4 cub., Fd-3m IMA 1987-012
Cuprokalininite CuCr2S4 cub., Fd-3m IMA 2010-008
Kalininite ZnCr2S4 cub., Fd-3m IMA 1984-028
Indite FeIn2S4 cub., Fd-3m A
Cadmoindite CdIn2S4 cub., Fd-3m IMA 2003-042
Cuprorhodsite CuRh2S4 cub., Fd-3m IMA 1984-017
Cuproiridsite CuIr2S4 cub., Fd-3m FOTO IMA 1984-016
Malanite Cu(Pt,Ir)2S4 cub., Fd-3m FOTO IMA 1995-003
Ferrorhodsite (Fe,Cu)(Rh,Ir,Pt)2S4 cub., Fd-3m IMA 1996-047
Xingzhongite (Pb,Cu,Fe)(Ir,Pt,Rh)2S4 cub., Fd-3m (?) Q

2.DA.10. Rhodostannite group
Rhodostannite (Cu,Ag)2FeSn3S8 tetr., I41/a IMA 1968-018
Toyohaite Ag2FeSn3S8 tetr., I41/a IMA 1989-007

2.DA.15. Brezinaite group
Brezinaite Cr3S4 mon., I2/m IMA 1969-004
Heideite (Fe,Cr)1+x(Ti,Fe)2S4 mon., I2/m IMA 1973-062
Wilkmanite Ni3Se4 mon., I2/m A

2.DA.20. Konderite group
Konderite PbCu3(Rh,Pt,Ir)8S16 hex., P6/mmm IMA 1983-053
Inaglyite PbCu3(Ir,Pt)8S16 hex., P6/mmm IMA 1983-054

2.DA.25. Kingstonite
Kingstonite Rh3S4 mon., C2/m IMA 1993-046

2.DA.30. Murchisite
Murchisite Cr5S6 trig., P-31c IMA 2010-003

2.DB. Metalsulfides with M : S = 2 : 3
2.DB.05. Stibnite group
     05 a. Stibnite series
Stibnite  /  Antimonit Sb2S3 orth., Pbnm FOTO G
Antimonselite Sb2Se3 orth., Pbnm IMA 1992-003
Bismuthinite Bi2S3 orth., Pbnm G
Guanajuatite Bi2Se3 orth., Pbnm G
Metastibnite Sb2S3 amorphous FOTO G
     05 b. Pääkkönenite
Pääkkönenite Sb2AsS2 mon., C2/m IMA 1980-063

2.DB.10. Ottemannite group
Ottemannite Sn2S3 orth., Pnam A
Suredaite PbSnS3 orth., Pnam IMA 1997-043
unnamed SnGeS3 mon., P21/c FOTO -

Unnamed SnGeS3 is a sublimation product from a burning mine dump and not described as a mineral.

2.DB.15. Bowieite group
Bowieite (Rh,Ir)2S2 orth., Pbcn IMA 1980-022
Kashinite (Ir,Rh)2S3 orth., Pbcn IMA 1982-036

2.DB.20. Montbrayite
Montbrayite (Au,Sb)2Te3 tric., P1 G

2.DB.25. Edgarite
Edgarite FeNb3S6 hex., P6322 (?) FOTO IMA 1995-017

2.DB.30. Tarkianite
Tarkianite (Cu,Fe)(Re,Mo)4S8 cub., F-43m IMA 2003-004

2.DB.35. Cameronite
Cameronite Cu7AgTe10 tetr. IMA 1984-069

2.DC. M : S variable
2.DC.05. Tetradymite group
     05 a. Hedleyite series, c ca. 3 x 6 Å
Hedleyite Bi7Te3 trig., P-3m1 G
     05 b. Ingodite series, c ca. 4 x 6 Å
Ingodite Bi2TeS trig. IMA 1980-045
Tsumoite BiTe trig., P-3m1 IMA 1972-010a
Sulphotsumoite Bi2Te2S trig., P-3m1 IMA 1980-084
Nevskite BiSe trig., P-3m1 IMA 1983-026
Telluronevskite Bi3Te(Se,S)2 trig., P-3m1 FOTO IMA 1993-027a
     05 c. Tetradymite series, c ca. 5 x 6 Å
Tellurantimony Sb2Te3 trig., R-3m IMA 1972-002
Paraguanajuatite Bi2(Se,S)3 trig., R-3m G
Tetradymite Bi2Te2S trig., R-3m FOTO G
Tellurobismuthite Bi2Te3 trig., R-3m G
Kawazulite Bi2Te2S trig., R-3m (?) IMA 1968-014
Skippenite Bi2Se2Te trig., R-3m IMA 1986-033
     05 d. Pilsenite series, c ca. 7 x 6 Å
Ikunolite Bi4SeS2 trig., R-3m FOTO A
Joséite-A Bi4TeS2 trig., R-3m Q
Joséite-B Bi4Te2S trig., R-3m Q
Pilsenite Bi4Te3 trig., R-3m Rd
Laitakarite Bi4Se2S trig., R-3m A
     05 e. Baksanite series, c > 9 x 6 Å
Baksanite Bi6Te2S3 trig., P-3m1 IMA 1992-042
Vihorlatite Bi24Se17Te2 trig., P3m1 FOTO IMA 1988-047

There is probably a complete solid solution from tellurian ikunolite to sulfurian pilsenite. Ordering of S and Te in joséite-A and joséite-B was not observed, they representing probably not separate mineral species.


G = Grandfathered minerals: original description preceded the establishment of the CNMNC in 1959, and generally regarded as a valid species
A or IMA No. = Minerals approved by the CNMNC
Rd = Redefinition of the mineral approved by the CNMNC
Rn = Renamed with approval by the CNMNC
Q = Questionable mineral

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