according to E.H. Nickel & M.C. Nichols (2009), H. Strunz & E.H. Nickel (2001)

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8.B: Phosphates etc. with additional anions, without water

8.BA. With small and medium-sized cations
8.BA.05. Väyrynenite group
Väyrynenite BeMn(PO4)(OH) FOTO G

8.BA.10. Herderite group
Herderite CaBe(PO4)(F,OH) mon. G
Hydroxylherderite CaBe(PO4)(OH) Rn
Bergslagite CaBe(AsO4)(OH) IMA 1983-021

8.BA.15. Babefphite group
Babefphite BaBe(PO4)F IMA 1966-003

8.BB. With only medium-sized cations, RO4:(OH, etc.) about 1:1
8.BB.05. Amblygonite group
Amblygonite LiAl(PO4)(OH) tric., P-1 FOTO ENTDECKUNGG
Montebrasite LiAl(PO4)(OH) G
Tavorite LiFe(PO4)(OH) G

8.BB.10. Zwieselite group
Hydroxywagnerite Mg2(PO4)(OH) IMA 2004-009
Zwieselite (Fe,Mn)2(PO4)F FOTO G
Triplite (Mn,Fe)2(PO4)F G

8.BB.15. Wolfeite group
Wagnerite Mg2(PO4)F Rd
Wolfeite Fe2+2(PO4)(OH) G
Triploidite Mn2+2(PO4)(OH) G
Sarkinite Mn2+2(PO4)(OH) G
Staněkite Mn2+Fe3+(PO4)O IMA 1994-045
Joosteite Mn2+Mn3+(PO4)O A

8.BB.20. Holtedahlite group
Satterlyite Mg12(PO3OH,CO3)(PO4)5(OH,O)6 IMA 1976-054
Holtedahlite (Fe2+,Mg,Fe3+)12(PO3OH)(PO4)5(OH,O)6 IMA 1976-056

8.BB.25. Althausite group
Althausite Mg2(PO4)(OH) IMA 1974-050

8.BB.30. Olivenite group
Libethenite Cu2(PO4)(OH) FOTO G
Zincolibethenite CuZn(PO4)(OH) IMA 2003-010
Eveite Mn2(AsO4)(OH) IMA 1966-047
Olivenite Cu2(AsO4)(OH) FOTO G
Zincolivenite CuZn(AsO4)(OH) IMA 2006-047
Adamite Zn2(AsO4)(OH) FOTO G
Auriacusite CuFe3+(AsO4)O orth., Pnnm IMA 2009-037

8.BB.35. Paradamite group
Tarbuttite Zn2(PO4)(OH) G
Paradamite Zn2(AsO4)(OH) G

8.BB.40. Lazulite group
Lazulite MgAl2(PO4)2(OH)2 A
Scorzalite Fe2+Al2(PO4)2(OH)2 G
Barbosalite Fe2+Fe3+2(PO4)2(OH)2 G
Hentschelite CuFe3+2(PO4)2(OH)2 IMA 1985-057
Wilhelmkleinite ZnFe3+2(PO4)2(OH)2 IMA 1997-034

8.BB.45. Trolleite group
Trolleite Al4(PO4)3(OH)3 G

8.BB.50. Namibite group
Namibite Cu(BiO)2(VO4)(OH) FOTO IMA 1981-024

8.BB.55. Phosphoellenbergerite group
Phosphoellenbergerite (Mg,□)2Mg12(PO4,PO3OH)6(PO3OH,CO3)2(OH)6 IMA 1994-006

8.BB.60. Urusovite group
Urusovite CuAlO(AsO4) FOTO IMA 1998-067

8.BB.65. Theoparacelsite group
Theoparacelsite Cu3(OH)2As2O7 IMA 1998-012

8.BB.70. Turanite group
Turanite Cu5(VO4)2(OH)4 G

8.BB.75. Stoiberite group
Stoiberite Cu5(VO4)2O2 IMA 1979-016

8.BB.80. Fingerite group
Fingerite Cu11(VO4)6O2 IMA 1983-064

8.BB.85. Averievite group
Averievite Cu5(VO4)2O2 · n (Cu,Cs)Cl IMA 1995-057

8.BB.90. Lipscombite group
Lipscombite Fe2+Fe3+2(PO4)2(OH)2 G
Zinclipscombite ZnFe3+2(PO4)2(OH)2 IMA 2006-008
Richellite CaFe3+2(PO4)2(OH,F)2 Q

8.BC. With only medium-sized cations, RO4:(OH, etc.) between 1:1 and 1:2
8.BC.05. Angelellite group
Angelellite Fe3+4O3(AsO4)2 A

8.BC.10. Rockbridgeite group
Frondelite Mn2+Fe3+4(PO4)3(OH)5 G
Rockbridgeite Fe2+Fe3+4(PO4)3(OH)5 G
IMA 2008-013 ZnFe3+4(PO4)3(OH)5 IMA 2008-013

8.BC.15. Aerugite group
Aerugite Ni8.5As(AsO4)2O8 FOTO ENTDECKUNGG

8.BD. With only medium-sized cations, RO4:(OH, etc.) = 1:2
8.BD.05. Pseudomalachite group
Pseudomalachite Cu5(PO4)2(OH)4 FOTO G
Reichenbachite Cu5(PO4)2(OH)4 FOTO IMA 1985-044
Cornwallite Cu5(AsO4)2(OH)4 G

8.BD.10. Arsenoclasite group
Gatehouseite Mn5(PO4)2(OH)4 IMA 1992-016
Arsenoclasite Mn5(AsO4)2(OH)4 G

8.BD.15. Parwelite group
Parwelite Mn2+10Sb5+2As5+2Si2O24 IMA 1966-023

8.BD.20. Reppiaite group
Reppiaite Mn5(VO4)2(OH)4 IMA 1991-007

8.BD.25. Ludjibaite group
Ludjibaite Cu5(PO4)2(OH)4 IMA 1987-009

8.BD.30. Cornubite group
Cornubite Cu5(AsO4)2(OH)4 A

8.BE. With only medium-sized cations, RO4:(OH, etc.) < 1:2
8.BE.05. Augelite group
Augelite Al2(PO4)(OH)3 G

8.BE.10. Gratarolaite group
Grattarolaite Fe3+3(PO4)O3 FOTO IMA 1995-037

8.BE.15. Cornetite group
Cornetite Cu3(PO4)(OH)3 FOTO G

8.BE.20. Clinoclase group
Clinoclase Cu3(AsO4)(OH)3 G

8.BE.25. Arhbarite group
Arhbarite Cu2Mg(AsO4)(OH)3 FOTO IMA 1981-044, Rd
Gilmarite Cu3(AsO4)(OH)3 IMA 1996-017

8.BE.30. Allactite group
Flinkite Mn2+2Mn3+(AsO4)(OH)4 G
Raadeite Mg7(PO4)2(OH)8 IMA 1996-034
Allactite Mn2+7(PO4)2(OH)8 A

8.BE.35. Chlorophoenicite group
Magnesiochlorophoenicite Mg3Zn2(AsO4)(OH,O)6 Rn
Chlorophoenicite Mn3Zn2(AsO4)(OH,O)6 G

8.BE.40. Gerdtremmelite group
Gerdtremmelite ZnAl2(AsO4)(OH)5 IMA 1983-049

8.BE.45. Hematolite group
Hematolite (Mn,Mg,Al)15(AsO4)2(AsO3)(OH)23 G
Arakiite ZnMn2+12Fe3+(AsO4)2(AsO3)(OH)23 IMA 1998-062
Dixenite CuFeMn14(AsO4)(AsO3)5(SiO4)2(OH)6 G
Mcgovernite Mn19Zn3(AsO4)3(AsO3)(SiO4)3(OH)21 IMA 1977-003
Kraisslite FeMg2Mn22Zn3(AsO4)3(AsO3)2(SiO4)6(OH)18 IMA 1977-003
Turtmannite Mn25O5(VO4)3(SiO4)3(OH)20 IMA 2000-007

8.BE.50. Synadelphite group
Synadelphite Mn9(AsO4)2(AsO3)(OH)9 · 2 H2O G

8.BE.55. Holdenite group
Holdenite Mn6Zn3(AsO4)2(SiO4)(OH)8 G

8.BE.60. Kolicite group
Kolicite Mn7Zn4(AsO4)2(SiO4)2(OH)8 IMA 1978-076

8.BE.65. Sabelliite group
Sabelliite Cu2Zn(AsO4)(OH)3 IMA 1994-013

8.BE.70. Jarosewichite group
Jarosewichite Mn2+3Mn3+(AsO4)(OH)6 IMA 1981-060

8.BE.75. Theisite group
Theisite Cu5Zn5As2O8(OH)14 IMA 1980-040

8.BE.80. Coparsite group
Coparsite Cu4O2(AsO4)Cl IMA 1996-064

8.BE.85. Waterhouseite group
Waterhouseite Mn2+7(PO4)2(OH)8 IMA 2004-035

8.BF. With medium-sized and large cations, RO4:(OH, etc.) > 1:0.5
8.BF.05. Arrojadite group
Arrojadite-(KNa) (KNa)Na2(CaNa2)Fe2+13Al(PO4)11(PO3OH)(OH)2 FOTO Rn
Fluorarrojadite-(BaNa) BaNa2(CaNa2)Fe2+13Al(PO4)11(PO3OH)F2 Rn
Arrojadite-(KFe) (KNa)Fe2+(CaNa2)Fe2+13Al(PO4)11(PO3OH)(OH)2 A
Arrojadite-(SrFe) SrFe2+(CaNa2)Fe2+13Al(PO4)11(PO3OH)(OH)2 IMA 2005-032
Arrojadite-(BaFe) BaFe2+(CaNa2)Fe2+13Al(PO4)11(PO3OH)(OH)2 IMA 1994-033, Rn
Fluorarrojadite-(BaFe) BaFe2+(CaNa2)Fe2+13Al(PO4)11(PO3OH)F2 IMA 2005-058a
Arrojadite-(PbFe) PbFe2+(CaNa2)Fe2+13Al(PO4)11(PO3OH)(OH)2 IMA 2005-056
Dickinsonite-(KMnNa) K(NaMn)CaNa3Mn13Al(PO4)12(OH)2 A

8.BF.10. Samuelsonite group
Samuelsonite Ca9Mn2+4Al2(PO4)10(OH)2 IMA 1974-026

8.BF.15. Griphite group
Griphite Ca(Mn2+,Na,Li)6Fe2+Al2(PO4)6(F,OH)2 G

8.BF.20. Nabiasite group
Nabiasite BaMn2+9(VO4)6(OH)2 IMA 1997-050

8.BG. With medium-sized and large cations, RO4:(OH, etc.) = 1:0.5
8.BG.05. Brackebuschite group
Bearthite Ca2Al(PO4)2(OH) IMA 1986-050
Goedkenite Sr2Al(PO4)2(OH) IMA 1974-004
Bushmakinite Pb2(Al,Cu)(PO4)(V,Cr,P)O4(OH) IMA 2001-031
Tsumebite Pb2Cu(PO4)(SO4)(OH) G
Arsentsumebite Pb2Cu(AsO4)(SO4)(OH) G
Feinglosite Pb2Zn(AsO4,SO4)(OH,H2O) IMA 1995-013
Arsenbrackebuschite Pb2(Fe3+,Zn)(AsO4)2(OH,H2O) IMA 1977-014
Tokyoite Ba2Mn3+(VO4)2(OH) IMA 2003-036
Gamagarite Ba2Fe3+(VO4)2(OH) G
Brackebuschite Pb2Mn3+(VO4)2(OH) FOTO G
Calderónite Pb2Fe3+(VO4)2(OH) IMA 2001-022

8.BG.10. Melonjosephite group
Melonjosephite CaFe2+Fe3+(PO4)2(OH) IMA 1973-012

8.BG.15. Tancoite group
Tancoite HLiNa2(PO4)2(OH) IMA 1979-045

8.BH. With medium-sized and large cations, RO4:(OH, etc.) = 1:1
8.BH.05. Thadeuite group
Thadeuite CaMg3(PO4)2(OH,F)2 IMA 1978-001

8.BH.10. Isokite group
Lacroixite NaAl(PO4)F G
Durangite NaAl(AsO4)F G
Maxwellite NaFe(AsO4)F IMA 1987-044
Isokite CaMg(PO4)F FOTO G
Panasqueiraite CaMg(PO4)(OH) IMA 1978-063
Tilasite CaMg(AsO4)F G

8.BH.15. Drugmanite group
Drugmanite Pb2Fe3+(PO4)(PO3OH)(OH)2 IMA 1978-081

8.BH.20. Bjarebyite group
Penikisite BaMg2Al2(PO4)3(OH)3 IMA 1976-023
Bjarebyite BaMn2+2Al2(PO4)3(OH)3 IMA 1972-022
Kulanite BaFe2+2Al2(PO4)3(OH)3 IMA 1975-012
Perloffite BaMn2+2Fe3+2(PO4)3(OH)3 IMA 1976-002
Johntomaite BaFe2+2Fe3+2(PO4)3(OH)3 IMA 1999-009
Cirrolite Ca3Al2(PO4)3(OH)3 Q

8.BH.25. Palermoite group
Bertossaite Li2CaAl4(PO4)4(OH)4 IMA 1965-038
Palermoite Li2SrAl4(PO4)4(OH)4 G

8.BH.30. Carminite group
Sewardite CaFe3+2(AsO4)2(OH)2 IMA 2001-054
Carminite CaFe3+2(AsO4)2(OH)2 FOTO G

8.BH.35. Adelite group
Adelite CaMg(AsO4)(OH) G
Cobaltaustinite CaCo(AsO4)(OH) FOTO IMA 1987-042
Nickelaustinite CaNi(AsO4)(OH) IMA 1985-002
Conichalcite CaCu(AsO4)(OH) FOTO G
Austinite CaZn(AsO4)(OH) FOTO G
Gabrielsonite PbFe(AsO4)(OH) IMA 1966-011
Duftite PbCu(AsO4)(OH) FOTO G
Arsendescloizite PbZn(AsO4)(OH) IMA 1979-030
Gottlobite CaMg(VO4)(OH) FOTO ENTDECKUNG IMA 1998-066
Tangeite CaCu(VO4)(OH) Rn

8.BH.40. Descloizite group
Pyrobelonite PbMn(VO4)(OH) G
Čechite PbFe(VO4)(OH) FOTO IMA 1980-068
Mottramite PbCu(VO4)(OH) G
Descloizite PbZn(VO4)(OH) FOTO G

8.BH.45. Bayldonite group
Bayldonite Cu3Pb(AsO3OH)2O(OH)2 FOTO G
Vésigniéite Cu3Ba(VO4)2(OH)2 G

8.BH.50. Paganoite group
Paganoite NiBi3+O(AsO4) IMA 1999-043

8.BH.55. Jagowerite group
Jagowerite BaAl2(PO4)2(OH)2 IMA 1973-001

8.BH.60. Attakolite group
Attakolite CaMn2+Al4(HSiO4)(PO4)3(OH)4 Rd

8.BH.65. Leningradite group
Leningradite Cu3Pb(VO4)2Cl2 IMA 1988-014

8.BK. With medium-sized and large cations, RO4:(OH, etc.) = 1:2
8.BK.05. Brazilianite group
Brazilianite NaAl3(PO4)2(OH)4 G

8.BK.10. Medenbachite group
Medenbachite Bi2Fe3+Cu(AsO4)2O(OH)3 IMA 1993-048
Neustädtelite Bi2Fe3+(Fe3+,Co)2(AsO4)2(O,OH)4 FOTO ENTDECKUNG IMA 1998-016
Cobaltneustädtelite Bi2Fe3+(Co,Fe3+)2(AsO4)2(O,OH)4 FOTO ENTDECKUNG IMA 2000-012

8.BK.15. Curetonite group
Curetonite Ba(Al,Ti)(PO4)(OH,O)F IMA 1978-065

8.BK.20. Heyite group
Heyite Pb5Fe2+2O4(VO4)2 A

8.BK.25. Jamesite group
Lulzakite Sr2Fe2+3Al4(AsO4)4(OH)10 IMA 1998-039
Jamesite Pb2Zn2(Fe3+,Zn)5(AsO4)4(OH,O)10 IMA 1978-079

8.BL. With medium-sized and large cations, RO4:(OH, etc.) = 1:3
8.BL.05. Beudantite group (Alunite supergroup)
Woodhouseite CaAl3(PO4)(SO4)(OH)6 Rd
Svanbergite SrAl3(PO4)(SO4)(OH)6 Rd
Hinsdalite PbAl3(PO4)(SO4)(OH)6 FOTO Rd
Corkite PbFe3(PO4)(SO4)(OH)6 Rd
Kemmlitzite SrAl3(AsO4)(SO4)(OH)6 FOTO ENTDECKUNG Rd
Weilerite BaAl3(AsO4)(SO4)(OH)6 Rd
Hidalgoite PbAl3(AsO4)(SO4)(OH)6 Rd
Beudantite PbFe3(AsO4)(SO4)(OH)6 FOTO Rd
Gallobeudantite PbGa3(AsO4)(SO4)(OH)6 IMA 1994-021

8.BL.10. Plumbogummite group (Alunite supergroup)
Crandallite CaAl3(PO4)(PO3OH)(OH)6 FOTO Rd
Goyazite SrAl3(PO4)(PO3OH)(OH)6 FOTO Rd
Gorceixite BaAl3(PO4)(PO3OH)(OH)6 G
Plumbogummite PbAl3(PO4)(PO3OH)(OH)6 Rd
Benauite SrFe3(PO4)(PO3OH)(OH)6 IMA 1995-001
Kintoreite-1c PbFe3(PO4)(PO3OH)(OH)6 IMA 1992-045
Kintoreite-2c PbFe3(PO4)(PO3OH)(OH)6 A
Springcreekite BaV3(PO4)(PO3OH)(OH)6 IMA 1998-048
Florencite-(La) LaAl3(PO4)2(OH)6 FOTO A
Florencite-(Ce) CeAl3(PO4)2(OH)6 FOTO A
Florencite-(Nd) NdAl3(PO4)2(OH)6 A
Waylandite BiAl3(PO4)2(OH)6 IMA 1962-003
Zairite BiFe3(PO4)2(OH)6 IMA 1975-018
Eylettersite Th0.75Al3(PO4)2(OH)6 IMA 1969-035

8.BL.13. Dussertite group (Alunite supergroup)
Arsenocrandallite CaAl3(AsO4)(AsO3OH)(OH)6 IMA 1980-060
Arsenogoyazite SrAl3(AsO4)(AsO3OH)(OH)6 IMA 1983-043
Arsenogorceixite BaAl3(AsO4)(AsO3OH)(OH)6 IMA 1989-055
Philipsbornite PbAl3(AsO4)(AsO3OH)(OH)6 IMA 1981-029
Dussertite BaFe3(AsO4)(AsO3OH)(OH)6 FOTO Rd
Segnitite PbFe3(AsO4)(AsO3OH)(OH)6 FOTO IMA 1991-017
Arsenoflorencite-(La) LaAl3(AsO4)2(OH)6 IMA 2009-078
Arsenoflorencite-(Ce) CeAl3(AsO4)2(OH)6 IMA 1985-053
Arsenoflorencite-(Nd) NdAl3(AsO4)2(OH)6 N
Arsenowaylandite BiAl3(AsO4)2(OH)6 N
Graulichite-(Ce) CeFe3(AsO4)2(OH)6 IMA 2002-001

8.BL.15. Viitaniemiite group
Viitaniemiite NaCaAl(PO4)F3 FOTO IMA 1977-043

8.BL.20. Dugganite group
Kuksite Pb3Zn3TeO6(PO4)2 IMA 1989-018
Dugganite Pb3Zn3TeO6(AsO4)2 FOTO IMA 1978-034
Cheremnykhite Pb3Zn3TeO6(VO4)2 IMA 1989-017
Joëlbruggerite Pb3Zn3(Sb5+,Te6+)O5(OH,O)(AsO4)2 IMA 2008-034

8.BL.25. Pattersonite group
Pattersonite PbFe3(PO4)2(OH)5 · H2O IMA 2005-049

8.BM. With medium-sized and large cations, RO4:(OH, etc.) = 1:4
8.BM.05. Retzian group
Retzian-(La) Mn2La(AsO4)(OH)6 IMA 1983-077
Retzian-(Ce) Mn2Ce(AsO4)(OH)6 Rd
Retzian-(Nd) Mn2Nd(AsO4)(OH)6 N

8.BM.10. Paulkellerite group
Paulkellerite Bi2Fe3+O2(PO4)(OH)2 IMA 1987-031

8.BM.15. Brendelite group
Brendelite (Bi,Pb)2(Fe3+,Fe2+)O2(PO4)(OH) FOTO ENTDECKUNG IMA 1997-001

8.BN. With only large cations, RO4:(OH, etc.) = 1:0.33
8.BN.05. Apatite supergroup (phosphates, arsenates, vanadates)
     05 a. Apatite group
Fluorapatite Ca5(PO4)3F FOTO G
Chlorapatite Ca5(PO4)3Cl G
    Chlorapatite-M Ca5(PO4)3Cl Poly
Hydroxylapatit Ca5(PO4)3Cl mon., P21/b G
    Hydroxylapatite-M Ca5(PO4)3Cl Poly
Stronadelphite Sr5(PO4)3F IMA 2008-009
Alforsite Ba5(PO4)3Cl IMA 1980-039
Pyromorphite Pb5(PO4)3Cl G
Svabite Ca5(AsO4)3F G
Turneaurite Ca5(AsO4)3Cl IMA 1983-063
Johnbaumite Ca5(AsO4)3OH A
    Johnbaumite-M Ca5(AsO4)3OH Poly
Mimetite Pb5(AsO4)3Cl G
    Mimetite-M Pb5(AsO4)3Cl Poly
Vanadinite Pb5(VO4)3Cl G

Hydroxylapatite-M was originally described as Clinohydroxylapatite with IMA approval (2004-006), now regarded as a polytype and no longer considered as a distinct mineral species.
Johnbaumite-M was originally described as Fermorite, now regarded as a polytype and no longer considered as a distinct mineral species.
Mimetite-M was originally described as Clinomimetite with IMA approval (1990-043), now regarded as a polytype and no longer considered as a distinct mineral species.

     05 b. Hedyphane group
Fluorphosphohedyphane Ca2Pb3(PO4)3F IMA 2008-068
Phosphohedyphane Ca2Pb3(PO4)3Cl IMA 2005-026
Morelandite Ca2Ba3(AsO4)3Cl IMA 1977-035
Hedyphane Ca2Pb3(AsO4)3Cl A

     05 c. Belovite group
Fluorcaphite SrCaCa3(PO4)3F IMA 1996-022
Fluorstrophite SrCaSr3(PO4)3F A
Belovite-(La) NaLaSr3(PO4)3F IMA 1995-023
Belovite-(Ce) NaCeSr3(PO4)3F Rn
Kuannersuite-(Ce) NaCeBa3(PO4)3F0.5Cl0.5 IMA 2002-013
Deloneite-(Ce) (Na0.5REE0.25Ca0.25)(Ca0.75REE0.25)Sr1.5 (CaNa0.25REE0.25)(PO4)3F0.5(OH)0.5 IMA 1995-036

8.BN.10. Arctite group
Arctite Na5Ca7Ba(PO4)6F3 IMA 1980-049

8.BO. With only large cations, RO4:(OH, etc.) about 1:1
8.BO.05. Nacaphite group
Nacaphite Na2Ca(PO4)F IMA 1979-026

8.BO.10. Preisingerite group
Petitjeanite Bi3O(PO4)2 IMA 1992-013
Preisingerite Bi3O(AsO4)2 IMA 1981-016
Schumacherite Bi3O(VO4)2 FOTO ENTDECKUNGIMA 1982-023

8.BO.15. Atelestite group
Smrkovecite Bi2O(OH)(PO4) IMA 1993-040
Hechtsbergite Bi2O(OH)(VO4) FOTO IMA 1995-050

8.BO.20. Sahlinite group
Sahlinite Pb2O9(AsO4)2Cl4 G
Kombatite Pb2O9(VO4)2Cl4 IMA 1985-056

8.BO.25. Heneuite group
Heneuite CaPb5(PO4)3(CO3)(OH) IMA 1983-057

8.BO.30. Nefedovite group
Nefedovit Na5Ca4(PO4)4F IMA 1982-048

8.BO.35. Kuznetsovite group
Kuznetsovite Hg1+2Hg2+(AsO4)Cl IMA 1980-009

8.BO.40. Artsmithite group
Artsmithite Hg1+4Al(AsO4)1.74(OH)1.78 FOTO IMA 2002-039

8.BO.45. Schlegelite group
Schlegelite Bi7O4(MoO4)2(AsO4)3 IMA 2003-051

in bold: grandfathered, IMA accepted, renamed and redefined (with IMA approval) minerals,
in normal letters: minerals published without IMA approval, questionable minerals, polytypes

G = Grandfathered minerals: original description preceded the establishment of the CNMNC in 1959, and generally regarded as a valid species
A or IMA No. = Minerals approved by the CNMNC
Rd = Redefinition of the mineral approved by the CNMNC
Rn = Renamed with approval by the CNMNC
GROUP = a name used to designate a group of species
N = Mineral published without approval of the CNMNC
Q = Questionable mineral
H = Hypothetical mineral (synthetic, anthropogenic, etc.)
D = Discredited by the CNMNC
Poly = Polytype

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