according to E.H. Nickel & M.C. Nichols (2009), H. Strunz & E.H. Nickel (2001)

(Oxides, Hydroxides, V[5,6]-Vanadates, Arsenites, Antimonites, Bismutites, Sulfites, Selenites, Tellurites, Iodates)

4.H: V[5,6] Vanadates

4.HA. V[>4] Nesovanadates

no examples known

4.HB. Uranyl Sorovanadates
4.HB.05. Carnotite group
Carnotite K2(UO2)2(V2O8) · 3 H2O mon., P21/a     G
Margaitasite Cs2(UO2)8(V2O8) · H2O mon., P21/a IMA 1980-093

4.HB.10. Sengierite group
Sengierite Cu2(UO2)2(V2O8)(OH)2 · 6 H2O mon., P21/a G

4.HB.15. Francevillite group
Francevillite Ba(UO2)2(V2O8) · 5 H2O orth., Pcan G
Curienite Pb(UO2)2(V2O8) · 5 H2O orth., Pcan IMA 1967-049
Fritzscheite Mn(UO2)2(VO4,PO4)2 · 4 H2O (?) orth., Pnam G

4.HB.20. Vanuralite group
Vanuralite Al(UO2)2(V2O8)(OH) · 11 H2O mon., A2/a A
Metavanuralite Al(UO2)2(V2O8)(OH) · 8 H2O tric., P-1 or P1 IMA 1970-003

4.HB.25. Tyuyamunite group
Tyuyamunite Ca(UO2)2(V2O8) · 6 - 8 H2O orth., Pnan G
Metatyuyamunite Ca(UO2)2(V2O8) · 3 H2O orth., Pnam G

4.HB.30. Strelkinite group
Strelkinite Na2(UO2)2(V2O8) · 6 H2O orth., Pnmm IMA 1973-063

4.HB.35. Uvanite group
Uvanite (UO2)2V6O17 · 15 H2O (?) orth. Q

4.HB.40. Rauvite group
Rauvite Ca(UO2)2V10O28 · 16 H2O (?) Q

4.HC. V[6] Sorovanadates
4.HC.05. Pascoite group
Pascoite Ca3V5+10O28 · 17 H2O mon., C2 FOTOG
Magnesiopascoite Ca2MgV5+10O28 · 16 H2O mon., C2/m IMA 2007-025
Lasalite Na2Mg2V5+10O28 · 20 H2O mon., B2/b IMA 2007-005

4.HC.10. Hummerite group
Hummerite KMgV5+5O14 · 8 H2O tric., P-1 G

4.HC.15. Sherwoodite group
Sherwoodite Ca4. 5V4+2V5+12O40 · 28 H2O tetr., I41/amd G

4.HD. Inovanadates
4.HD.05. Rossite group
Rossite Ca(V5+O3)2 · 4 H2O tric., P-1 G

4.HD.10. Metarossite group
Metarossite Ca(V5+O3)2 · 2 H2O tric., P-1 FOTOG

4.HD.15. Munirite group
Munirite NaV5+O3 · 1.9 H2O mon., P21/a IMA 1982-038

4.HD.20. Metamunirite group
Metamunirite NaV5+O3 orth., Pnma FOTOIMA 1990-044

4.HD.25. Dickthomssenite group
Dickthomssenite MgV5+2O6 · 7 H2O C2/c IMA 2000-047

4.HD.30. Ansermetite group
Ansermetite MnV5+2O6 · 4 H2O mon., C2/c FOTOIMA 2002-017

4.HE. Phyllovanadates
4.HE.05. Melanovanadite group
Melanovanadite CaV4+2V5+2O10 · 5 H2O tric., P-1 G

4.HE.10. Shcherbinaite group
Shcherbinaite V5+2O5 orth., Pmmn FOTOIMA 1971-021

4.HE.15. Hewettite group
Hewettite CaV5+6O16 · 9 H2O mon., P21/m G
Metahewettite CaV5+6O16 · 3 H2O mon., A2/m G

4.HE.20. Straczekite group
Straczekite (Ca,K,Ba)V8O20 · 3 H2O mon., C2/m FOTOIMA 1983-028
Corvusite (Na,Ca,K)1-x(V5+,V4+,Fe2+)V8O20 · 4 H2O mon., C2/m G
Fernandinite (Ca,Na,K)0. 9(V5+,V4+,Fe2+,Ti)8O20 · 4 H2O mon., C2/m Rd
Bariandite Al0. 6V8O20 · 9 H2O mon., C2/c or Cc IMA 1970-043
Bokite (Al,Fe,K)1. 3(V5+,V4+,Fe3+)8O20 · 7.5 H2O mon., C.. FOTOA

4.HE.25. Häggite group
Häggite V3+V4+O2(OH)3 mon., C2/m G

4.HE.30. Doloresite group
Doloresite V4+3O4(OH)4 mon., C2/m G

4.HE.35. Duttonite group
Duttonite V4+O(OH)2 mon., I2/c G

4.HE.40. Cavoite group
Cavoite CaV3O7 orth., Pnam IMA 2001-024

4.HF. Tektovanadates
4.HF.05. Bannermanite group
Bannermanite Na0. 7V6O15 mon., C2/m IMA 1980-010

4.HG. Unclassified V oxides
4.HG.05. Fervanite group
Fervanite Fe3V4O16 · 5 H2O mon. (?) G

4.HG.10. Huemulite group
Huemulite Na4MgV10O28 · 24 H2O tric., P-1 or P1 IMA 1965-012

4.HG.15. Vanalite group
Vanalite NaAl8V5+10(O,OH)38 · 30 H2O mon., P2/m or other A

4.HG.20. Simplotite group
Simplotite CaV4+4O9 · 5 H2O mon., A2/m or other G

4.HG.25. Vanoxite group
Vanoxite V4+4V5+2O13 · 8 H2O (?) hex. (?) Q

4.HG.30. Navajoite group
Navajoite (V5+,Fe3+)10O24 · 12 H2O mon., C2/m G

4.HG.35. Delrioite group
Delrioite SrCaV5+2O6(OH)2 · 3 H2O mon., Ia or I2/a A

4.HG.40. Metadelrioite group
Metadelrioite SrCaV5+2O6(OH)2 tric., P-1 or P1 IMA 1967-006

4.HG.45. Barnesite group
Barnesite Na2V5+6O16 · 3 H2O mon., P2/m A

4.HG.50. Hendersonite group
Hendersonite Ca1. 3V6O16 · 6 H2O orth., Pnam or Pna21 A

4.HG.55. Grantsite group
Grantsite (Na,Ca)2 + xV6O16 · 4 H2O mon., A2/a A

4.HG.60. Lenoblite group
Lenoblite V4+2O4 · 2 H2O orth., P21212 IMA 1970-002

4.HG.65. Satpaevite group
Satpaevite Al12V8O37 · 30 H2O (?) (?) Q

in bold: grandfathered, IMA accepted, renamed and redefined (with IMA approval) minerals,
in normal letters: minerals published without IMA approval, questionable minerals, polytypes

G = Grandfathered minerals: original description preceded the establishment of the CNMNC in 1959, and generally regarded as a valid species
A or IMA No. = Minerals approved by the CNMNC
Rd = Redefinition of the mineral approved by the CNMNC
Rn = Renamed with approval by the CNMNC
GROUP = a name used to designate a group of species
N = Mineral published without approval of the CNMNC
Q = Questionable mineral
H = Hypothetical mineral (synthetic, anthropogenic, etc.)
D = Discredited by the CNMNC
Poly = Polytype

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