based on E.H. Nickel & M.C. Nichols (2009), H. Strunz & E.H. Nickel (2001)

(Oxides, Hydroxides, V[5,6]-Vanadates, Arsenites, Antimonites, Bismutites, Sulfites, Selenites, Tellurites, Iodates)

4.D: Metal : Oxygen = 1 : 2 and similar

4.DA. With small cations: Silica family
4.DA.05. Quartz
Quartz  /  Quarz SiO2 trig., P3121, P3221 FOTO A

High-quartz (β-quartz), hex., P6222 and P6422, is stable only above 573°C and is not described as a mineral.

4.DA.10. Tridymite
Tridymite SiO2 orth., C2221 FOTO G

High-temperature β-tridymite is hexagonal, P63/mmc.

4.DA.15. Cristobalite
Cristobalite SiO2 tetr., P41212, P43212 FOTO G

High-temperature β-cristobalite is cubic, Fd-3m.

4.DA.20. Mogánite
Mogánite SiO2 mon., I2/a FOTO IMA 1999-035

4.DA.25. Coesite
Coesite SiO2 mon., C2/c FOTO A

4.DA.30. Stishovite
Stishovite SiO2 tetr., P42mnm A

4.DA.35. Keatite
Keatite SiO2 tetr., P43212 -

Keatite is known as a synthetic compound and was found also in the Kokchetav Massif, Kazakhstan, but is not described as a mineral.

4.DA.40. Seifertite
Seifertite SiO2 orth., Pbcn or Pb2n IMA 2004-010

Seifertite is a high-pressure polymorph with α-PbO2 structure.

4.DA.45. Lechatelierite
Lechatelierite SiO2 amorphous Q

4.DA.50. Opal
Opal SiO2 · n H2O amorphous FOTO G

4.DA.55. Melanophlogite
Melanophlogite 46 SiO2 · C2H17O5 tetr., P42/nbc FOTO Rd
Chibaite SiO2 · n (CH4,C2H6,C3H8,C4H10)   (n < 3/17) cub., Fd-3 IMA 2008-067
Bosoite SiO2 · n CXH2X+2   (n ca. 0.5, X mainly 1 and 2) hex., P6/mmm IMA 2014-023

Melanophlogite, Chibaite and Bosoite are clathrate structures (clathrasils). Above ca. 40°C, melanophlogite is cubic, Pm-3n, and isostructural with the cubic gas hydrates (group 4.AA.05).

4.DB. With medium-sized cations, chains of edge-sharing M[6] octahedra
4.DB.05. Rutile group
Rutile TiO2 tetr., P42/mnm FOTO G
Pyrolusite MnO2 tetr., P42/mnm A
Argutite GeO2 tetr., P42/mnm IMA 1980-067
Cassiterite SnO2 tetr., P42/mnm FOTO G
Varlamoffite (Sn,Fe)(O,OH)2 tetr., P42/mnm Q
Plattnerite PbO2 tetr., P42/mnm FOTO G
Tripuhyite FeSbO4 tetr., P42/mnm FOTO Rd
Tugarinovite MoO2 mon., P21/c IMA 1979-072

Varlamoffite is possibly a ferroan, hydroxylian cassiterite.

4.DB.10. Tapiolite group
Tapiolite-(Mn) MnTa2O6 tetr., P42/mnm IMA 1983-005, Rn
Tapiolite-(Fe) FeTa2O6 tetr., P42/mnm FOTO Rn
Byströmite MgSb2O6 tetr., P42/mnm G
Ordoñezite ZnSb2O6 tetr., P42/mnm G

Tapiolite-(Mn), renamed 2008, originally described as "Manganotapiolite".
Tapiolite-(Fe), renamed 2008, originally described as "Ferrotapiolite".

4.DB.15. Ramsdellite group
     15 a. Ramsdellite series
Ramsdellite MnO2 orth., Pbnm G
Paramontroseite VO2 orth., Pbnm G
     15 b. Akhtenskite
Akhtenskite MnO2 hex., P63/mmc IMA 1982-072
     15 c. Nsutite
Nsutite Mn2+xMn4+1-xO2-2x(OH)2x hex. A

4.DB.18. Riesite
Riesite TiO2 mon., P2/c IMA 2015-110a

Riesite is structurally related to Scrutinyite and Seifertite.

4.DB.20. Scrutinyite
Scrutinyite PbO2 orth., Pbcn IMA 1984-061

4.DB.25. Ixiolite group (cations disordered)
Ixiolite (Ta,Mn,Nb)O2 orth., Pbcn Rd
Qitianlingite (Fe,Mn)2(Nb,Ta)2WO10 orth., Pbcn IMA 1983-074

Qitianlingite has very probably not an ordered cation distribution, but is (Nb,Fe,W,Ta,Mn)O2, the Nb analogue if Ixiolite.

4.DB.27. Rossovskyite
Rossovskyite (Fe3+,Ta)(Nb,Ti)O4 mon., P2/c IMA 2014-056

4.DB.30. Samarskite group (cations ordered, ABO4 and related)
Calciosamarskite (Ca,Fe,Y)(Nb,Ta,Ti)O4 mon. G
Samarskite-(Y) (Y,Ce,U,Fe)(Nb,Ta)O4 orth., Pbcn FOTO A
Samarskite-(Yb) YbNbO4 mon., P2/c IMA 2004-001
Ishikawaite (U,Fe,Y)NbO4 mon. G
Srilankite ZrTi2O6 orth., Pbcn IMA 1982-056
     30 Appendix. Questionable minerals, unknown structures
Yttrocolumbite-(Y) (Y,U,Fe)(Nb,Ta)O4 orth. Q
Pisekite-(Y) (Y,As,Ca)(Nb,Ti,Ta)O4 mon., P21/n Q

4.DB.35. Wolframite group
Huanzalait MgWO4 mon., P2/c IMA 2009-018
Hübnerite MnWO4 mon., P2/c FOTO G
Ferberite FeWO4 mon., P2/c FOTO G
Sanmartinite ZnWO4 mon., P2/c A
Heftetjernite ScTaO4 mon., P2/c IMA 2006-056

4.DB.40. Columbite group
Columbite-(Mg) MgNb2O6 orth., Pbcn Rn
Columbite-(Mn) MnNb2O6 orth., Pbcn FOTO Rn
Columbite-(Fe) FeNb2O6 orth., Pbcn FOTO Rn
Tantalite-(Mg) MgTa2O6 orth., Pbcn IMA 2002-018, Rn
Tantalite-(Mn) MnTa2O6 orth., Pbcn FOTO Rn
Tantalite-(Fe) FeTa2O6 orth., Pbcn Rn

Columbite-(Mg) was originally described as "Magnocolumbite", renamed (2008).
Columbite-(Mn) was originally described as "Manganocolumbite", renamed (2008).
Columbite-(Fe) was originally described as "Ferrocolumbite", renamed (2008).
Tantalite-(Mg) was originally described as "Magnesiotantalite", renamed (2008).
Tantalite-(Mn) was originally described as "Manganotantalite", renamed (2008).
Tantalite-(Fe) was originally described as "Ferrotantalite", renamed (2008).

4.DB.45. Wodginite group
Achalaite (Fe2+,Mn)(Ti,Fe3+,Ta)(Nb,Ta)2O8 mon., C2/c IMA 2013-103
Titanowodginite MnTiTa2O8 mon., C2/c FOTO IMA 1984-008
Ferrotitanowodginite FeTiTa2O8 mon., C2/c IMA 1998-028
Wodginite MnSnTa2O8 mon., C2/c A
Ferrowodginite FeSnTa2O8 mon., C2/c IMA 1984-006
Lithiowodginite LiTaTa2O8 mon., C2/c IMA 1988-011
Lithiotantite LiTa3O8 mon., P21/c IMA 1982-022

4.DB.50. Pseudorutile group
Pseudorutile [Ti4+4][(Fe3+,Ti4+)4](O,OH)16 hex., P6322 Rd
Kleberite [Ti4+3][Ti4+3Fe3+]O11(OH)5 mon., P21/c FOTO IMA 2012-023
Tivanite [Ti4+4][V3+4]O12(OH)4 mon., P21/c IMA 1980-035

4.DB.55. Carmichaelite
Carmichaelite (Ti,Cr,Fe)(O,OH)2 mon., P21/c IMA 1996-062

4.DB.60. Alumotantite
Alumotantite AlTaO4 orth., Pbcn IMA 1980-025

4.DB.65. Biehlite
Biehlite Sb2MoO6 mon., C2/c FOTO IMA 1999-019a

4.DC. With medium-sized cations: Sheets of edge-sharing M[6] octahedra
4.DC.05. Bahianite
Bahianite Al5Sb3O14(OH)2 mon., C2/m FOTO IMA 1974-027

4.DC.10. Simpsonite
Simpsonite Al4(Ta,Nb)3O13(OH) trig., P3 FOTO G

4.DD. With medium-sized cations: Frameworks of edge-sharing M[6] octahedra
4.DD.05. Anatase
Anatase TiO2 tetr., I41/amd FOTO A

4.DD.10. Brookite
Brookite TiO2 orth., Pbca FOTO G

4.DE. With medium-sized cations: with various polyhedra
4.DE.05. Downeyite
Downeyite SeO2 tetr., P42/mbc IMA 1974-063

4.DE.10. Koragoite
Koragoite Mn2MnNb2(Nb,Ta)3W2O20 mon., P21 IMA 1994-049

4.DE.12. Billwiseite
Billwiseite Sb5Nb3WO18 mon., C2/m IMA 2010-053

4.DE.15. Koechlinite
Koechlinite Bi2MoO6 orth., Pna21 FOTO G
Russellite Bi2WO6 orth., Pna21 FOTO G
Tungstibite Sb2WO6 orth., P22121 FOTO IMA 1993-059

4.DE.20. Tellurite
Tellurite TeO2 orth., Pbca FOTO G

4.DE.25. Paratellurite
Paratellurite TeO2 tetr., P43212 FOTO A

4.DE.30. Stibiotantalite group
Stibiocolumbite SbNbO4 orth., Pna21 G
Stibiotantalite SbTaO4 orth., Pna21 FOTO G
Bismutotantalite BiTaO4 orth., Pna21 G
Bismutocolumbite BiNbO4 orth., Pnan FOTO IMA 1991-003
Cervantite Sb3+Sb5+O4 orth., Pna21 FOTO IMA 1991-003
Clinocervantite Sb3+Sb5+O4 mon., A2/a FOTO IMA 1997-017
Kyawthuite Bi3+Sb5+O4 mon., I2/c IMA 2015-078

4.DE.30. Baddeleyite group
Akaogiite TiO2 mon., P21/c IMA 2007-058
Baddeleyite ZrO2 mon., P21/c FOTO G

4.DF. With large (+/- medium-sized) cations: dimers and trimers of edge-sharing octahedra
4.DF.05. Aeschynite group
Aeschynite-(Y) (Y,Ca,Fe,Th)(Ti,Nb)2(O,OH)6 orth., Pbnm FOTO Rn
Aeschynite-(Ce) (Ce,Ca,Fe,Th)(Ti,Nb)2(O,OH)6 orth., Pbnm Rn
Aeschynite-(Nd) (Nd,REE,Ca)(Ti,Nb)2(O,OH)6 orth., Pbnm A
Nioboaeschynite-(Y) (Y,Ce,...)(Nb,Ti,Ta)2(O,OH)6 orth., Pbnm IMA 2003-038a
Nioboaeschynite-(Ce) (Ce,Ca)(Nb,Ti)2(O,OH)6 orth., Pbnm Rn
Tantalaeschynite-(Y) (Y,Ce)(Ta,Ti,Nb)2(O,OH)6 orth., Pbnm IMA 1969-043, Rn
Vigezzite (Ca,Ce)(Nb,Ta,Ti)2(O,OH)6 orth., Pbnm IMA 1977-008
Rynersonite Ca(Ta,Nb)2(O,OH)6 orth., Pbnm IMA 1974-058

4.DF.10. Changbaiite
Changbaiite PbNb2O6 trig., R3m FOTO A

4.DF.15. Murataite
Murataite-(Y) (Y,Na)6(Zn,Fe)4[(Ti,Nb)4ZnO29(O,F,OH)14] cub., F-43m IMA 1972-007

4.DG. With large (+/- medium-sized) cations: chains of edge-sharing octahedra
4.DG.05. Euxenite group
Fersmite (Ca,Ce,Na)(Nb,Ta,Ti)2(O,OH)6 orth., Pbcn FOTO A
Euxenite-(Y) (Y,Ca,Ce,U,Th)(Nb,Ta,Ti)2(O,OH)6 orth., Pbcn FOTO A
Tanteuxenite-(Y) (Y,REE)(Ta,Nb,Ti)2(O,OH)6 orth., Pbcn A
Polycrase-(Y) Y(Ti,Nb)2(O,OH)6 orth., Pbcn A
Uranpolycrase (U,Y)(Ti,Nb,Ta)2(O,OH)6 orth., Pbcn FOTO IMA 1990-046
Kobeite-(Y) (Y,U)(Ti,Nb)2(O,OH)6 (?) metamict A
Yttrocrasite-(Y) (Y,Th,Ca,U)(Ti,Fe)2(O,OH)6 metamict Q
Loranskite-(Y) (Y,Ce,Ca)(Zr,Ta)2(O,OH)6 (?) metamict A

4.DG.10. Fergusonite-β group
Fergusonite-(Y)-β YNbO4 mon., C2/c (I2/a) FOTO A
Fergusonite-(Ce)-β CeNbO4 mon., C2/c A
Fergusonite-(Nd)-β NdNbO4 mon., C2/c IMA 1992-047
Takanawaite-(Y) YTaO4 metamict; mon., I2/a IMA 2011-099
Yttrotantalite-(Y) (Y,U,Fe)(Ta,Nb)O4 metamict; orth. Rn

4.DG.15. Iwashiroite-(Y)
Iwashiroite-(Y) YTaO4 metamict; mon., P2/a IMA 2003-053

4.DG.20. Foordite group
Thoreaulite SnTa2O6 mon., C2/c FOTO G
Foordite SnNb2O6 mon., C2/c FOTO IMA 1984-070

4.DG.25. Raspite
Raspite PbWO4 mon., P21/a G

4.DH. With large (+/- medium-sized) cations: sheets of edge-sharing octahedra
4.DH.05. Brannerite group
Thorutite (Th,U,Ca)Ti2O6 mon., C2/m G
Brannerite (U,Ca,Y,Ce)(Ti,Fe)2O6 mon., C2/m FOTO A
Orthobrannerite U4+U6+Ti4O12(OH)2 metamict (orth.) A

4.DH.10. Lucasite group
Lucasite-(Ce) (Ce,La)Ti2(O,OH)6 mon., I2/a IMA 1986-020
Kassite CaTi2O4(OH)2 orth. A

4.DH.12. Anzaite-(Ce)
Anzaite-(Ce) Ce4FeTi6O18(OH)2 mon., C2/m IMA 2013-004

4.DH.15. Pyrochlore group [Pyrochlore supergroup]
Hydrokenopyrochlore 2Nb2O4(OH)2(H2O) cub. IMA 2017-005
Hydropyrochlore (H2O,)2Nb2(O,OH)6(H2O) cub., Fd-3m Rd
Fluornatropyrochlore (Na,Pb,Ca,REE)2Nb2O6F cub. IMA 2013-056
Hydroxynatropyrochlore (Na,Ca,Ce)2Nb2O6(OH) cub., Fd-3m IMA 2017-074
Fluorcalciopyrochlore (Ca,Na)2(Nb,Ti)2O6F cub. IMA 2013-055
Hydroxycalciopyrochlore (Ca,Na,U,)2(Nb,Ti)2O6(OH) cub., Fd-3m IMA 2011-026
Oxycalciopyrochlore Ca2Nb2O6O cub., Fd-3m Rd
Hydroxymanganopyrochlore (Mn,Th,Na,Ca,REE)2(Nb,Ti)2O6(OH) cub., Fd-3m IMA 2012-005
Cesiokenopyrochlore 2Nb2(O,OH)6Cs1-X cub. IMA 2016-104

Hydropyrochlore, redefined, originally described as Kalipyrochlore.

4.DH.20. Microlite group [Pyrochlore supergroup]
Hydrokenomicrolite (,H2O)2Ta2(O,OH)6(H2O) cub., Fd-3m IMA 2011-103
Fluornatromicrolite (Na1.5Bi0.5)Ta2O6F cub., Fd-3m FOTO IMA 1998-018
Oxynatromicrolite (Na,Ca,U)2(Ta,Nb)2O6(O,F) cub., Fd-3m IMA 2013-063
Fluorcalciomicrolite (Ca,Na)2Ta2O6F cub., Fd-3m IMA 2012-036
Hydroxycalciomicrolite (Ca1.50.5)Ta2O6(OH) cub., Fd-3m IMA 2013-073
Oxystannomicrolite Sn2Ta2O6O cub., Fd-3m Rd
Kenoplumbomicrolite (Pb,)2Ta2O6(,(OH),O) cub., Fd-3m IMA 2015-007a
Oxystibiomicrolite (Sb3+,Ca)2Ta2O6O cub., Fd-3m Rd

4.DH.25. Roméite group [Pyrochlore supergroup]
Fluorcalcioroméite (Ca,Na)2Sb5+2O6(F,OH) cub., Fd-3m IMA 2012-093
Hydroxycalcioroméite (Ca,Sb3+)2(Sb5+,Ti)2O6(OH) cub., Fd-3m Rd
Oxycalcioroméite Ca2Sb5+2O6O cub., Fd-3m IMA 2012-022
Hydroxyferroroméite (Fe2+1.50.5)Sb5+2O6(OH) cub., Fd-3m IMA 2016-006
Stibiconite Sb3+2Sb5+2O6(OH) cub. Q
Oxyplumboroméite Pb2Sb5+2O6O cub., Fd-3m IMA 2013-042
Bindheimite Pb2Sb5+2O7 cub. FOTO Q

Hydroxycalcioroméite, redefined, originally described as Lewisite.

4.DH.30. Elsmoreite group [Pyrochlore supergroup]
Hydrokenoelsmoreite 2W2O6(H2O) cub., Fd-3m FOTO A
Hydroxykenoelsmoreite (,Pb)2(W,Fe,Al)2(O,OH)6(OH) cub., Fd-3m IMA 2016-056

Hydrokenoelsmoreite, redefined, originally described as Elsmoreite, and includes also the material originally described as Ferritungstite and Alumotungstite.

4.DH.35. Rosiaite
Rosiaite PbSb2O6 trig., P-31m FOTO IMA 1995-021

4.DH.40. Zirconolite group
Zirconolite (Ca,Y)Zr(Ti,Mg,Al)2O7 mon., C2/c FOTO Rd
Laachite (Ca,Mn)2Zr2Nb2TiFeO14 mon., C2/c IMA 2012-100

Zirconolite polytypes: Zirconolite-2M (mon., C2/c), Zirconolite-3O (orth., Acam), Zirconolite-3T (trig., P3121).

4.DH.45. Petscheckite group
Petscheckite UFe(Nb,Ta)2O8 metamict, trig., P-31m IMA 1975-038
Liandratit U(Nb,Ta)2O8 metamict, trig., P-31m IMA 1975-039

4.DH.50. Ingersonite
Ingersonite Ca3MnSb4O14 trig. IMA 1986-021

4.DH.55. Pittongite
Pittongite (Na,H2O)0.7(W,Fe)(O,OH)3 hex., P-6ms IMA 2005-034

4.DJ. With large (+/- medium-sized) cations: polyhedral frameworks
4.DJ.05. Natrotantite group
Natrotantite Na2Ta4O11 trig., R-3c IMA 1980-026
Irtyshite Na2(Ta,Nb)4O11 hex., P63/m or P63 IMA 1984-025
Calciotantite CaTa4O11 hex., P6322 IMA 1981-039

4.DK. With large (+/- medium-sized) cations: tunnel structures
4.DK.05. Coronadite group (2 x 2 tunnel structure) [Hollandite supergroup]
Cryptomelane K(Mn4+7Mn3+)O16 mon., I2/m A
Manjiroite Na(Mn4+7Mn3+)O16 tetr., I4/m FOTO IMA 1966-009
Strontiomelane Sr(Mn4+6Mn3+2)O16 mon., I2/m A
Hollandite Ba(Mn4+6Mn3+2)O16 mon., I2/m FOTO G
Ferrihollandite Ba(Mn4+6Fe3+2)O16 mon., I2/m A
Coronadite Pb(Mn4+6Mn3+2)O16 mon., I2/m FOTO G
Ferricoronadite Pb(Mn4+6Fe3+2)O16 tetr., I4/m IMA 2015-093

4.DK.10. Priderite group (2 x 2 tunnel structure) [Hollandite supergroup]
Priderite K(Ti4+7Fe3+)O16 tetr., I4/m G
Henrymeyrite Ba(Ti4+7Fe2+)O16 tetr., I4/m FOTO IMA 1999-016
Mannardite Ba(Ti4+6V3+2)O16 tetr., I41/a IMA 1983-013
Redledgeite Ba(Ti4+6Cr3+2)O16 tetr., I4/m FOTO A

4.DK.15. Akaganeite (2 x 2 tunnel structure)
Akaganeite Fe8(OH,O)16Cl1.25 · n H2O mon., I2/m FOTO IMA 1962-004

4.DK.20. Romanèchite (2 x 3 tunnel structure)
Romanèchite (Ba,H2O)2(Mn4+,Mn3+)5O10 mon., C2/m FOTO A

4.DK.25. Todorokite (3 x 3 tunnel structure)
Todorokite (Na,Ca,K)1-x(Mn,Mg,Al)6O12 · 3-4 H2O mon., P2/m A

4.DL. With large (+/- medium-sized) cations: fluorite type structures
4.DL.05. Uraninite group
Zirkelite (Ti,Ca,Zr)O2-x cub., Fm-3m Rd
Cerianite-(Ce) CeO2 cub., Fm-3m FOTO A
Thorianite ThO2 cub., Fm-3m FOTO G
Uraninite UO2 cub., Fm-3m FOTO G
Vorlanite CaUO4 cub., Fm-3m IMA 2009-032

4.DL.10. Calzirtite group
Calzirtite Ca2Zr5Ti2O16 tetr., I41/acd A
Tazheranite (Zr,Ti,Ca)(O,□)2 cub., Fm-3m FOTO IMA 1969-008
Hiärneite (Ca,Mn,Na)2(Zr,Mn)5(Sb,Tl,Fe)2O16 tetr., I41/acd IMA 1996-040

Calzirtite polytypes: Calzirtite-1Q (tetr., I41/acd), Calzirtite-1O (orth., Pbca).

4.DM. With large (+/- medium-sized) cations: unclassified
4.DM.05. Rankamaite group
Rankamaite (Na,K,Pb)(Ta,Nb,Al)4(O,OH)10 orth. FOTO IMA 1968-002
Sosedkoite K5Al2Ta22O60 orth. IMA 1981-014

4.DM.10. Cesplumtantite
Cesplumtantite (Cs,Na)2(Pb,Sb)3Ta8O24 tetr. IMA 1985-040

4.DM.15. Eyselite
Eyselite Fe3+Ge4+3O7(OH) orth., P... IMA 2003-052

4.DM.20. Kuranakhite
Kuranakhite PbMn4+Te6+O6 orth. FOTO IMA 1974-030


G = Grandfathered minerals: original description preceded the establishment of the CNMNC in 1959, and generally regarded as a valid species
A or IMA No. = Minerals approved by the CNMNC
Rd = Redefinition of the mineral approved by the CNMNC
Rn = Renamed with approval by the CNMNC
Q = Questionable mineral

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