based on E.H. Nickel & M.C. Nichols (2009), H. Strunz & E.H. Nickel (2001)

(Fluorides, Chlorides, Bromides, Iodides)

3.A: Simple Halides, without H2O

3.AA. Simple Halides, M : X = 1 : 1, 2 : 3 and related ratios
3.AA.05. Nantokite group
Nantokite CuCl cub., F-43m G
Marshite CuI cub., F-43m G
Miersite AgI cub., F-43m G

3.AA.10. Iodargyrite
Iodargyrite AgI hex., P63/mc FOTO A
Tocornalite (Ag,Hg)I Q

The existence of Tocornalite as a mineral is very questionable.

3.AA.15. Chlorargyrite group
Chlorargyrite AgCl cub., Fm-3m FOTO A
Bromargyrite AgBr cub., Fm-3m FOTO A

3.AA.20. Halite group
Griceite LiF cub., Fm-3m FOTO IMA 1986-043
Villiaumite NaF cub., Fm-3m FOTO G
Carobbiite KF cub., Fm-3m G
Halite NaCl cub., Fm-3m FOTO G
Sylvite KCl cub., Fm-3m FOTO G

3.AA.25. Salammoniac group
Salammoniac  /  Salmiak NH4Cl cub., Pm-3m FOTO G
Lafossaite TlCl cub., Pm-3m FOTO IMA 2003-043

3.AA.27. Nataliyamalikite
Nataliyamalikite TlI orth., Cmcm IMA 2016-022

3.AA.30. Calomel group
Calomel HgCl tetr., I4/mmm FOTO G
Kuzminite HgBr tetr., I4/mmm IMA 1986-005
Moschelite HgI tetr., I4/mmm IMA 1987-038

3.AA.35. Brontesite
Brontesite (NH4)3PbCl5 orth., Pnma IMA 2008-039

3.AA.40. Flinteite
Flinteite K2ZnCl4 orth., Pna21 IMA 2014-009

3.AA.42. Pseudocotunnite
Pseudocotunnite K2PbCl4 (?) orth. Q

3.AA.45. Neighborite group [Perovskite supergroup, Single Perovskites ABX3, Neighborite subgroup]
Neighborite NaMgF3 orth., Pcmn A
Parascandolaite KMgF3 cub., Pm-3m IMA 2013-092

3.AA.50. Chlorocalcite [Perovskite supergroup, Single Perovskites ABX3, Chlorocalcite subgroup]
Chlorocalcite KCaCl3 orth., Pnma G

3.AA.55. Javorieite
Javorieite KFeCl3 orth., Pnma IMA 2016-020

3.AA.60. Sanguite
Sanguite KCuCl3 mon., P21/c IMA 2013-002

3.AA.65. Mellizinkalite
Mellizinkalite K3Zn2Cl7 tric., P-1 IMA 2014-010

3.AA.70. Challacolloite group
Challacolloite KPb2Cl5 mon., P21/c FOTO IMA 2004-028
Hephaistosite TlPb2Cl5 mon., P21/c IMA 2006-043

3.AA.75. Kolarite
Kolarite PbTeCl2 orth., Pmmm (?) IMA 1983-081

3.AA.80. Radhakrishnaite
Radhakrishnaite PbTe3Cl2 tetr. FOTO IMA 1983-082

3.AB. Simple Halides, M : X = 1 : 2
3.AB.05. Tolbachite
Tolbachite CuCl2 mon., C2/m FOTO IMA 1982-067

3.AB.10. Coccinite
Coccinite HgI2 tetr., P42/nmc FOTO G

3.AB.15. Sellaite
Sellaite MgF2 tetr., P42/mnm FOTO G

3.AB.20. Lawrencite group
Chloromagnesite MgCl2 trig., R-3m Q
Lawrencite FeCl2 trig., R-3m FOTO G
Scacchite MnCl2 trig., R-3m G

The existence of chloromagnesite as a mineral is very questionable.
Scacchite needs confirmation too.

3.AB.25. Fluorite group
Fluorite CaF2 cub., Fm-3m FOTO G
Strontiofluorite SrF2 cub., Fm-3m FOTO IMA 2009-014
Frankdicksonite BaF2 cub., Fm-3m IMA 1974-015
Fluorocronite PbF2 cub., Fm-3m IMA 2010-023

3.AB.30. Tveitite
Tveitite-(Y) Ca14Y5F43 trig., R-3 IMA 1975-033

3.AB.35. Gagarinite group
Gagarinite-(Y) NaCaYF6 hex., P63/m FOTO A
Gagarinite-(Ce) NaCaCeF6 trig. IMA 1993-038, Rn, Rd
Polezhaevaite-(Ce) NaSrCeF6 hex., P63/m FOTO IMA 2009-015

Gagarinite-(Ce) was originally described as zajacite-(Ce), renamed in 2010.

3.AB.40. Cotunnite
Cotunnite PbCl2 orth., Pnam FOTO G

3.AC. Simple Halides, M : X = 1 : 3
3.AC.05. Zharchikhite
Zharchikhite AlF(OH)2 mon., P21/a IMA 1986-059

3.AC.10. Molysite
Molysite FeCl3 trig., R-3 G

3.AC.15. Fluocerite group
Fluocerite-(Ce) CeF3 trig., P-3c1 A
Fluocerite-(La) LaF3 trig., P-3c1 A

3.AC.20. Oskarssonite group [Perovskite supergroup, Anion deficient Perovskites, B site vacant Perovskites]
     20 a. Oskarssonite
Oskarssonite AlF3 trig., R-3c IMA 2012-088
     20 b. Waimirite-(Y)
Waimirite-(Y) YF3 orth., Pnma IMA 2013-108

3.AC.20. Gananit
Gananite BiF3 cub., P-43m IMA 1983-006


G = Grandfathered minerals: original description preceded the establishment of the CNMNC in 1959, and generally regarded as a valid species
A or IMA No. = Minerals approved by the CNMNC
Rd = Redefinition of the mineral approved by the CNMNC
Rn = Renamed with approval by the CNMNC
Q = Questionable mineral

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