according to E.H. Nickel & M.C. Nichols (2009), H. Strunz & E.H. Nickel (2001)

(Sulfides, Selenides, Tellurides, Arsenides, Antimonides, Bismuthides, Sulfarsenites, Sulfantimonites, Sulfbismuthites, etc.)

2.J: PbS archetype, (As,Sb,Bi)S6 octahedra

2.JA. Chains combined in sheets
2.JA.05. Makovickyite-Pavonite group
     05 a. Pavonite series
Pavonite AgBi3S5 mon., C2/m G
Cupropavonite AgCu1.8Pb1.2Bi5S10 mon., C2/m IMA 1978-033
Cupromakopavonite Ag3Cu8Pb4Bi19S38 mon., C2/m IMA 2005-036
Dantopaite Ag5Bi13S22 mon., B2/m IMA 2008-058

     05 b. Grumiplucite series
Grumiplucite HgBi2S4 mon., C2/m FOTOIMA 1997-021

     05 c. Kudriavite series
Kudriavite (Cd,Pb)Bi2S4 mon., C2/mIMA 2003-011

     05 d. Makovickyite series
Makovickyite Cu1.12Ag0.81Pb0.27Bi5.35S9 mon., C2/m IMA 1986-027
Cupromakovickyite Cu4AgPb2Bi9S18 mon., C2/m IMA 2002-058

     05 e. Benjaminite series
Benjaminite Ag3Bi7S12 mon., C2/m Rd

     05 f. Mummeite series
Mummeite Ag3.1Cu0.6Pb1.1Bi6.6S13 mon., C2/m or CmIMA 1986-025

     05 g. Borodaevite series
Borodaevite Ag4.83Fe0.21Pb0.45(Bi,Sb)8.84S16 mon., C2/mIMA 1991-037

     05 h. Mozgovaite series
Mozgovaite PbBi4S7 orth., BbmmIMA 1998-060

2.JA.10. Cuprobismutite group
     10 a. Cuprobismutite series
Cuprobismutite Cu8AgBi13S24 mon., C2/m G

     10 b. Kupčíkite series
Kupčíkite    (Kupcikite) Cu3.4Fe0.6Bi5S10 mon., C2/m IMA 2001-017

     10 c. Hodrušhite series
Hodrušhite    (Hodrushite) Cu4Bi6S11 mon., A2/m IMA 1969-025

     10 d. Pizgrischite series
Pizgrischite (Cu,Fe)Cu14PbBi17S35 mon. FOTOIMA 2001-002

     10 e. Paderaite series
Paderaite (Cu,Ag)7(Bi,Pb)13S22 mon., P21/m IMA 10983-091

2.JA.15. Schapbachite group
Cuboargyrite AgSbS2 cub., Fm-3mIMA 1997-004
Schapbachite Ag0.4Pb0.2Bi0.4S cub., Fm-3mRd

2.JA.20. Matildite group
Matildite AgBiS2 trig., P-3m1 (?) FOTOG
Bohdanoviczite AgBiSe2 trig., P-3m1 (?)Rd
Volynskite AgBiTe2 trig., P-3m1 (?)A

2.JB. Galena derivatives, with Pb
2.JB.05. Diaphorite group
Diaphorite Pb2Ag3Sb3S8 mon., P21/a FOTO ENTDECKUNGG

2.JB.10. Cosalite group
Cosalite Pb2Bi2S5 orth., Pbnm FOTOG

2.JB.15. Freieslebenite group
Marrite PbAgAsS3 mon., P21/a G
Freieslebenite PbAgSbS3 mon., P21/a FOTO ENTDECKUNGG

2.JB.20. Cannizzarite group
Cannizzarite Pb8Bi10S23 mon., 2 subcells FOTOG
Wittite Pb8Bi10(S,Se)23 Q

2.JB.25. Junoite-Proudite group
     25 a. Junoite series
Junoite Cu2Pb3Bi8(S,Se)16 mon., C2/m IMA 1974-011

     25 b. Felbertalite series
Felbertalite Cu2Pb6Bi8S19 mon., C2/m FOTOIMA 1999-042

     25 c. Nordströmite series
Nordströmite CuPb3Bi7(S,Se)14 mon., P21/mIMA 1978-073

     25 d. Proudite series
Proudite CuPb8Bi10(S,Se)23 mon., C2/mIMA 1975-028

     25 g. Nuffieldite series
Nuffieldite Pb2.4Cu1.4Bi2.4Sb0.2S7 orth., Pbnm IMA 1967-003

     25 i. Neyite series
Neyite Ag2Cu6Pb25Bi26S68 mon., C2 (?) IMA 1968-017
Cuproneyite Cu7Pb27Bi25S68 mon., B2/m IMA 2008-054

     25 j. Rouxelite series
Rouxelite Cu2HgPb22Sb28S64(O,S)2 mon., C2/m IMA 2002-062

2.JB.30. Jordanite group
     30 a. Jordanite series
Jordanite Pb14Sb6S23 mon., P21/m FOTOG
Geocronite Pb14Sb6S23 mon., P21/m FOTOG

     30 b. Kirkiite series
Kirkiite Pb10Bi3As3S19 mon., P21/mIMA 1984-030

     30 c. Tsugaruite series
Tsugaruite Pb4As2S7 orth. Pnn2 or PnnmIMA 1977-010

2.JB.35. Zinkenite-Scainiite group
     35 a. Zinkenit series
Zinkenite Pb6Sb14S27 hex., P63 FOTO ENTDECKUNGG

     35 b. Scainiite series
Scainiite Pb14Sb30S54O5 mon., C2/m A

     35 c. Pillaite series
Pillaite Pb9Sb10S23ClO0.5 mon., C2/m A

     35 d. Pellouxite series
Pellouxite (Cu,Ag)2Pb21Sb23S55ClO mon., C2/m A

     35 e. Chovanit series *
Chovanite * Pb15-2xSb14+2xS36Ox (x ca. 0.2) mon., C2/m IMA 2009-055

     35 f. Tazieffite series *
Tazieffite * Pb20Cd2(As,Bi)22S50Cl10 mon., C2/c IMA 2008-012

2.JB.40. Lillianite group
     40 a. Lillianite series
Lillianite AgxPb3-2xBi2+xS6 orth., PbmmA
Terrywallaceite AgPb(Sb,Bi)2S6 mon., P21/c IMA 2011-017
Gustavite AgPbBi2S6 mon., P21/c FOTOIMA 1967-048
Andorite VI    ("Senandorite") AgPbSb3S6 orth.FOTOG
Andorite IV    ("Quatrandorite") Ag15Pb18Sb47S96 orth.G
Ramdohrite CdAg5.5Pb12Sb21.5S48 mon., P21/n G
Fizélyite Ag5Pb14Sb21S48 mon., P21/n FOTOG
Uchucchacuaite AgMnPb3Sb5S12 orth., Pmmm (?)IMA 1981-007
Roshchinite Ag19Pb10Sb51S96 orth., PmnaIMA 1989-006
Treasurite Ag7Pb6Bi15S32 mon., C2/m (?)IMA 1976-008
Xilingolite Pb3Bi2S6 mon., C2/m (?)IMA 1982-089
Vikingite Ag5Pb8Bi13S30 mon., C2/mIMA 1976-006
Oscarkempffite Ag10Pb4(Sb17Bi9)S48 orth., PncaIMA 2011-029
Menchettiit Ag2Mn3Pb5Sb6As4S24 mon., P21nIMA 2011-009

     40 b. Heyrovskyite series
Heyrovskýite (Pb,Ag,Bi)6Bi2S9 orth., Bbmm FOTOIMA 1970-022
Aschamalmite Pb6-3xBi2+xS9 mon., C2/m (?)IMA 1982-089
Eskimoite Ag7Pb10Bi15S36 mon., C2/m or CmIMA 1976-005

     40 c. Ourayite series
Ourayite Ag3Pb4Bi5S13 orth., Bbmm or Bb21/mA

     40 d. deleted

     40 e. Ustarasite series
Ustarasite PbBi6S10 (?) ? Q

Ramdohrite is possibly a variety of fizélyite.
Schirmerite (type I) with the composition Ag4PbBi4S9 (originally assigned to schirmerite), is possibly identical to the redefined schapbachite. Schirmerite from the type locality (type II) is a disordered intergrowth of different slabs with a composition between those of gustavite and (Ag,Bi)-rich heyrovskýite.
"Bursaite" (discredited 2006), is an Ag-poor lillianite.
"Nakaséite" (discredited), is an oversubstituted, Cu-rich variety of andorite VI.

2.JB.45. Galenobismutite group
Galenobismutite PbBi2S4 orth., Pnam G
Weibullite Ag0.3Pb5.3Bi8.3(S,Se)18 orth., PnamRd
Angelaite Cu2AgPbBiS4 mon., Pb21/nIMA 2003-064

2.JB.50. Group removed

2.JB.55. Gratonite group
Gratonite Pb9As4S15 trig., R3mG

2.JB.60. Marrucciite group
Marrucciite Hg3Pb16Sb18S46 mon., B2/m FOTOIMA 2006-015

2.JB.65. Vurroite group
Vurroite Pb20Sn2(Bi,As)22S54Cl6 ps.-orth., Fdmm IMA 2003-027

2.JC. Galena derivatives, with Tl
2.JC.05. Ellisite group
Ellisite Tl3AsS3 trig., R3m IMA 1977-041

2.JC.10. Gillulyite group
Gillulyite Tl2As8S13 mon., P2/n IMA 1989-029

* new, not in Nickel & Nichols (2009), preliminary grouping

in bold: grandfathered, IMA accepted, renamed and redefined (with IMA approval) minerals,
in normal letters: minerals published without IMA approval, questionable minerals, polytypes

G = Grandfathered minerals: original description preceded the establishment of the CNMNC in 1959, and generally regarded as a valid species
A or IMA No. = Minerals approved by the CNMNC
Rd = Redefinition of the mineral approved by the CNMNC
Rn = Renamed with approval by the CNMNC
GROUP = a name used to designate a group of species
N = Mineral published without approval of the CNMNC
Q = Questionable mineral
H = Hypothetical mineral (synthetic, anthropogenic, etc.)
D = Discredited by the CNMNC
Poly = Polytype

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