according to E.H. Nickel & M.C. Nichols (2009), H. Strunz & E.H. Nickel (2001)

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(Sulfates, Selenates, Tellurates, Chromates, Molybdates, Wolframates)

7.D: Sulfates etc. with additional anions, with water

7.DA. With small cations
7.DA.05. Group reserved

7.DB. With only medium-sized cations, insular octahedra and finite groups of octahedra
7.DB.05. Aubertite group
Svyashinite MgAl(SO4)2F ˇ 14 H2O tric. IMA 1983-045
Magnesioaubertite MgAl(SO4)2Cl ˇ 14 H2O tric., P-1 IMA 1982-015
Aubertite CuAl(SO4)2Cl ˇ 14 H2O tric., P1 IMA 1978-051

7.DB.10. Rostite group
Khademite Al(SO4)F ˇ 5 H2O orth., Pcba Rd
Rostite Al(SO4)(OH) ˇ 5 H2O orth., Pcba FOTO Rd

7.DB.15. Jurbanite group
Jurbanite Al(SO4)(OH) ˇ 5 H2O mon., P21/n IMA 1974-023

7.DB.20. Minasragrite group
Minasragrite VO(SO4) ˇ 5 H2O mon. G
Orthominasragrite VO(SO4) ˇ 5 H2O Pmn21 IMA 2000-018
Anorthominasragrite VO(SO4) ˇ 5 H2O tric., P-1 IMA 2001-040

7.DB.25. Bobjonesite group
Bobjonesite VO(SO4) ˇ 3 H2O mon. IMA 2000-045

7.DB.30. Amarantite group
Amarantite Fe2O(SO4)2 ˇ 7 H2O tric., P-1 G
Hohmannite Fe2O(SO4)2 ˇ 8 H2O tric., P-1 G
Metahohmannite Fe2O(SO4)2 ˇ 4 H2O G

7.DB.35. Copiapite group
Magnesiocopiapite MgFe3+4(SO4)6(OH)2 ˇ 20 H2O tric., P-1 G
Copiapite Fe2+Fe3+4(SO4)6(OH)2 ˇ 20 H2O tric., P-1 FOTO G
Calciocopiapite CaFe3+4(SO4)6(OH)2 ˇ 20 H2O tric., P-1 A
Cuprocopiapite CuFe3+4(SO4)6(OH)2 ˇ 20 H2O tric., P-1 G
Zincocopiapite ZnFe3+4(SO4)6(OH)2 ˇ 20 H2O tric., P-1 G
Aluminocopiapite (Al,Mg)Fe4(SO4)6(OH,O)2 ˇ 20 H2O tric., P-1 FOTOG
Ferricopiapite (Fe3+)0.67Fe3+4(SO4)6(OH)2 ˇ 20 H2O tric., P-1 G

7.DB.40. Cossaite group *
Cossaite * (Mg0.5,□)Al6(SO4)6(HSO4)F6 ˇ 36 H2O trig., R-3 IMA 2009-031

7.DC. With only medium-sized cations, chains of corner-sharing or edge-sharing octahedra
7.DC.05. Aluminite group
Aluminite Al2(SO4)(OH)4 ˇ 7 H2O mon., P21/b FOTO ENTDECKUNGG
Meta-aluminite Al2(SO4)(OH)4 ˇ 5 H2O IMA 1967-013

7.DC.10. Butlerite group
Butlerite Fe3+(SO4)(OH) ˇ 2 H2O mon., P21/m G
Parabutlerite Fe3+(SO4)(OH) ˇ 2 H2O orth. G

7.DC.15. Fibroferrite group
Fibroferrite Fe3+(SO4)(OH) ˇ 5 H2O mon. FOTO G

7.DC.20. Xitieshanite group
Xitieshanite Fe3+(SO4)Cl ˇ 5 H2O mon. IMA 1982-044

7.DC.25. Botryogen group
Botryogen MgFe3+(SO4)2(OH) ˇ 7 H2O mon. G
Zincobotryogen ZnFe3+(SO4)2(OH) ˇ 7 H2O mon. N

7.DC.30. Guildite group
Guildite CuFe3+(SO4)2(OH) ˇ 4 H2O mon., P21/m G
Chaidamuite ZnFe3+(SO4)2(OH) ˇ 4 H2O tric., P1 IMA 1985-011

7.DD. With only medium-sized cations, sheets of edge-sharing octahedra
7.DD.05. Felsöbanyaite group
Felsöbanyáite Al4(SO4)(OH)10 ˇ 5 H2O hex. G

7.DD.10. Langite group
Posnjakite Cu4(SO4)(OH)6 ˇ H2O mon., C2/c FOTO IMA 1967-001
Langite Cu4(SO4)(OH)6 ˇ 2 H2O mon., Pc G
Wroewolfeite Cu4(SO4)(OH)6 ˇ 2 H2O mon., Pc FOTO IMA 1973-064
Montetrisaite Cu6(SO4)(OH)10 ˇ H2O orth., Cmc21 IMA 2007-009

7.DD.15. Spangolite group
Spangolite Cu6Al(SO4)(OH)12Cl ˇ 3 H2O trig., P31c FOTO G

7.DD.20. Ktenasite group
Ktenasite (Cu,Zn)5(SO4)2(OH)6 ˇ 6 H2O mon., P21/c FOTO G

7.DD.25. Christelite group
Christelite Zn3Cu2(SO4)2(OH)6 ˇ 4 H2O tric., P-1 1995-030

7.DD.30. Devilline group
Devilline CaCu4(SO4)2(OH)6 ˇ 3 H2O mon., P21/c FOTO A
Serpierite Ca(Cu,Zn)4(SO4)2(OH)6 ˇ 3 H2O mon., C2/c G
Aldridgeite (Cd,Ca)(Cu,Zn)4(SO4)2(OH)6 ˇ 3 H2O mon., C2/c IMA 2010-029
Orthoserpierite CaCu4(SO4)2(OH)6 ˇ 3 H2O orth., Pca21 IMA 1983-022
Campigliaite MnCu4(SO4)2(OH)6 ˇ 4 H2O mon., Cc IMA 1981-001
Niedermayrite CdCu4(SO4)2(OH)6 ˇ 4 H2O mon., P21/m IMA 1997-024
Edwardsite Cd2Cu3(SO4)2(OH)6 ˇ 4 H2O mon., P21/c IMA 2009-048

7.DD.35. Woodwardite group
SO4-Hydrotalcite-8.8 A Mg4Al2(OH)12(SO4) ˇ 3 H2O N
Woodwardite Cu1-XAlX(OH)2(SO4)X/2 ˇ n H2O trig., R-3m FOTO G
Zincowoodwardite (Zincowoodwardite-3R) Zn1-XAlX(OH)2(SO4)X/2 ˇ n H2O (x=0.32-0.5) trig., R-3m FOTO A
Honessite Ni1-XFe3+X(OH)2(SO4)X/2 ˇ n H2O trig., R-3m A
Hydrowoodwardite Cu1-XAlX(OH)2(SO4)X/2 ˇ n H2O trig., R-3m FOTO A
Glaucocerinite Zn1-XAlX(OH)2(SO4)X/2 ˇ n H2O trig., R-3m G
Carrboydite Ni1-XAlX(OH)2(SO4)X/2 ˇ 1 H2O A
Motukoreaite Mg6Al3(OH)18Na(SO4)2 ˇ 7 H2O FOTO A
SO4-Hydrotalcite-11 A Mg4Al2(OH)12Na0.56(SO4)1.30 ˇ 7.3 H2O N
Natroglaucocerinite Zn1-XAlX(OH)2NaY(SO4)Y/2+X/2 ˇ H2O A
Nikischerite Fe6Al3(OH)18Na(SO4)2 ˇ 7 H2O FOTO
Shigaite Mn6Al3(OH)18Na(SO4)2 ˇ 6 H2O A
Wermlandite Mg7Al2(OH)18(Ca,Mg)(SO4)2 ˇ 12 H2O A
Mountkeithite (Mg,Ni)9(Fe,Cr)3(OH)24(Mg,Ni)2(SO4)2 (CO3,SO4)1.5 ˇ 11 H2O FOTO A
Hydrohonessite Ni1-XAlX(OH)2NiY(SO4)Y+X/2 ˇ n H2O A
CO3-SO4-Hydrotalcite-18.5 A Mg8Al4(OH)24Na0.5(SO4)1.25(CO3) ˇ 9 H2O N
Zincaluminite (Zn,Al)9(SO4)2(OH)18 ˇ n H2O (?) Q

7.DD.40. Lawsonbauerite group
Lawsonbauerite Mn9Zn4(SO4)2(OH)22 ˇ 8 H2O mon., P21/c A
Torreyite Mn9Zn4(SO4)2(OH)22 ˇ 8 H2O mon., P21/a G

7.DD.45. Mooreite group
Mooreite Mg15(SO4)2(OH)26 ˇ 8 H2O mon., P21/m G

7.DD.50. Namuwite group
Namuwite Zn4(SO4)(OH)6 ˇ 4 H2O trig., P-3 FOTOA

7.DD.55. Bechererite group
Bechererite (Zn,Cu)6Zn2(OH)13((S,Si)(O,OH)4)2 trig., P3 A

7.DD.60. Ramsbeckite group
Ramsbeckite Cu15(SO4)4(OH)22 ˇ 6 H2O mon., P21/a FOTO A

7.DD.65. Vonbezingite group
Vonbezingite Ca6Cu3(SO4)3(OH)12 ˇ 2 H2O mon., P21/c A

7.DD.70. Redgillite group
Redgillite Cu6(SO4)(OH)10 ˇ 6 H2O mon., P21/b A

7.DD.75. Chalcoalumite group
Chalcoalumite CuAl4(SO4)(OH)12 ˇ 3 H2O mon., P21 G
Nickelalumite NiAl4(SO4)(OH)12 ˇ 3 H2O mon., P21/n N
Kyrgyztanite ZnAl4(SO4)(OH)12 ˇ 3 H2O mon. A

7.DD.80. Schulenbergite group
Schulenbergite (Cu,Zn)7(SO4)2(OH)10 ˇ 3 H2O ttrig., P-3 or P3 FOTO A
Guarinoite Zn6(SO4)(OH)10 ˇ 5 H2O hex., P63 or other A
Thérčsemagnanite Co6(SO4)(OH)10 ˇ 8 H2O hex. A

7.DE. With only medium-sized cations, unclassified
7.DE.05. Mangazeite group
Mangazeite Al2(SO4)(OH)4 ˇ 3 H2O tric. A

7.DE.10. Cyanotrichite group
Cyanotrichite Cu4Al2(SO4)(OH)12 ˇ 2 H2O orth. or mon. FOTOA
Carbonatecyanotrichite Cu4Al2(CO3)(OH)12 ˇ 2 H2O (?) FOTORn

7.DE.15. Schwertmannite group
Schwertmannite Fe16O16(OH)9.6(SO4)3.2 ˇ 10 H2O tetr., P4/m (?) FOTO A

7.DE.20. Tlalocite group
Tlalocite Cu10Zn6(Te4+O3)(Te6+O4)2Cl(OH)25 ˇ 27 H2O orth. FOTO A

7.DE.25. Utahite group
Utahite Cu5Zn3(TeO4)4(OH)8 ˇ 7 H2O tric., P1 or P-1 FOTOA

7.DE.30. Brumadoite group *
Brumadoite * Cu3(TeO4)(OH)4 ˇ 5 H2O mon., P21/m IMA 2008-028

7.DE.35. Coquandite group
Coquandite Sb3+6O8(SO4) ˇ H2O tric., P-1 FOTO A

7.DE.40. Osakaite group
Osakaite Zn4(SO4)(OH)6 ˇ 5 H2O tric., P-1 A

7.DE.45. Wilcoxite group
Wilcoxite MgAl(SO4)2F ˇ 18 H2O tric. FOTOA

7.DE.50. Stanleyite group
Stanleyite VO(SO4) ˇ 6 H2O orth. A

7.DE.55. Mcalpineite group
Mcalpineite Cu3TeO6 ˇ H2O cub., P* FOTO A

7.DE.60. Hydrobasaluminite group
Hydrobasaluminite Al4(SO4)(OH)10 ˇ 15 H2O mon. G

7.DE.65. Zaherite group
Zaherite Al12(SO4)5(OH)26 ˇ 20 H2O tric., P1 or P-1 A

7.DE.70. Lautenthalite group
Lautenthalite PbCu4(SO4)2(OH)6 ˇ 3 H2O mon., P21/b A

7.DE.75. Camerolaite group
Camerolaite Cu4Al2(HSbO4,SO4)(OH)10(CO3) ˇ 2 H2O mon. FOTO A

7.DE.80. Volaschioite group *
Volaschioite * Fe3+4(SO4)O2(OH)6 ˇ 2 H2O mon., C2/m IMA 2010-005

7.DF. With medium-sized and large cations
7.DF.05. Uklonskovite group
Uklonskovite NaMg(SO4)(OH) ˇ 2 H2O mon., P21/m A

7.DF.10. Kainite group
Kainite KMg(SO4)Cl ˇ 3 H2O mon., C2/m FOTO ENTDECKUNGG

7.DF.15. Natrochalcite group
Natrochalcite NaCu2(SO4)2(OH) ˇ H2O mon., C2/m G

7.DF.20. Sideronatrite group
Sideronatrite Na2Fe3+(SO4)2(OH) ˇ 3 H2O orth., Pnnm (?) G
Metasideronatrite Na2Fe3+(SO4)2(OH) ˇ H2O orth., Pbnm FOTOG

7.DF.25. Fleischerite group
Despujolsite Ca3Mn(SO4)2(OH)6 ˇ 3 H2O A
Schaurteite Ca3Ge(SO4)2(OH)6 ˇ 3 H2O A
Fleischerite Pb3Ge(SO4)2(OH)6 ˇ 3 H2O A
Mallestigite Pb3Sb(SO4)(AsO4)(OH)6 ˇ 3 H2O FOTO A

7.DF.30. Slavikite group
Slavikite NaMg2Fe3+5(SO4)7(OH)6 ˇ 33 H2O FOTO G

7.DF.35. Metavoltine group
Metavoltine K2Na6Fe2+Fe3+6O2(SO4)12 ˇ 18 H2O FOTOG

7.DF.40. Lannonite group
Lannonite HCa4Mg2Al4(SO4)8F9 ˇ 32 H2O A
Vlodavetsite Ca2Al(SO4)2F2Cl ˇ 4 H2O A

7.DF.45. Peretaite group
Peretaite CaSb3+4O4(SO4)2(OH)2 ˇ 2 H2O FOTO A

7.DF.50. Gordaite group
Gordaite NaZn4(SO4)(OH)6Cl ˇ 6 H2O FOTO A

7.DF.55. Clairite group
Clairite (NH4)2Fe3(SO4)4(OH)3 ˇ 3 H2O FOTOA

7.DF.60. Arzrunite group
Arzrunite Pb2Cu4(SO4)(OH)4Cl6 ˇ 2 H2O Q

7.DF.65. Elyite group
Elyite CuPb4O2(SO4)(OH)4 ˇ H2O FOTO A

7.DF.70. Yecoraite group
Yecoraite Fe3+3Bi5O9(Te4+O3)(Te6+O4)2 ˇ 9 H2O A

7.DF.75. Riomarinaite group
Riomarinaite Bi(SO4)(OH) ˇ H2O A

7.DF.80. Dukeite group
Dukeite Bi3+24Cr6+8O57(OH)6 ˇ 3 H2O A

7.DF.85. Xocolatlite group
Xocolatlite Ca2Mn4+2Te6+2O12 ˇ H2O A

7.DF.90. Alcaparossaite group *
Alcaparossaite * K3Ti4+Fe3+(SO4)4O ˇ 2 H2O mon., C2/c IMA 2011-024

7.DG. With medium-sized and large cations, with NO3, CO3, B(OH)4, SiO4 or IO3
7.DG.05. Darapskite group
Darapskite Na3(SO4)(NO3) ˇ H2O FOTO Rd

7.DG.10. Ungemachite group
Humberstonite K3Na7Mg2(SO4)6(NO3)2 ˇ 6 H2O trig., R-3 A
Ungemachite K3Na8Fe3+(SO4)6(NO3)2 ˇ 6 H2O trig., R-3 G
Clinoungemachite K3Na8Fe3+(SO4)6(NO3)2 ˇ 6 H2O (?) mon., ps.-hex. Q

7.DG.12. Witzkeite group *
Witzkeite * K4Na4Ca(SO4)4(NO3)2 ˇ 2 H2O mon., Cc FOTO IMA 2011-084

7.DG.15. Ettringite group
Ettringite Ca6Al2(SO4)3(OH)12 ˇ 26 H2O A
Bentorite Ca6Cr2(SO4)3(OH)12 ˇ 26 H2O FOTO A
Thaumasite Ca6Si4+2(SO4)2(CO3)2(OH)12 ˇ 24 H2O FOTO G
Carraraite Ca6Ge4+2(SO4)2(CO3)2(OH)12 ˇ 24 H2O A
Jouravskite Ca6Mn4+2(SO4)2(CO3)2(OH)12 ˇ 24 H2O A
Hielscherite Ca6Si4+2(SO4)2(SO3)2(OH)12 ˇ 22 H2O P63 IMA 2011-037
Kottenheimite Ca6Si4+2(SO4)2(SO4)2(OH)12 ˇ 24 H2O P63/m IMA 2011-038
Charlesite Ca6Al2(SO4)2(B(OH)4)(OH,O)12 ˇ 26 H2O A
Sturmanite Ca6Fe3+2(SO4)2.5(B(OH)4)(OH)12 ˇ 25 H2O A
Buryatite Ca6(Si,Fe3+,Al)2(SO4)2(B(OH)4)2(OH,O)12 ˇ 24 H2O FOTO A

7.DG.20. Rapidcreekite group
Rapidcreekite Ca2(SO4)(CO3) ˇ 4 H2O FOTO A

7.DG.25. Tatarskite group
Tatarskite Ca6Mg2(SO4)2(CO3)2(OH)4Cl4 ˇ 7 H2O A

7.DG.30. Nakauriite group
Nakauriite Cu8(SO4)4(CO3)(OH)6 ˇ 48 H2O FOTO A

7.DG.35. Chessexite group
Chessexite Na4Ca2Mg3Al8(SO4)10(SiO4)2(OH)10 ˇ 40 H2O orth. IMA 1981-054

7.DG.40. Fuenzalidaite group
Fuenzalidaite K3Na5Mg5(SO4)6(IO3)6 ˇ 6 H2O trig., P-3c1 FOTO IMA 1993-021
Carlosruizite K3Na5Mg5(SeO4)6(IO3)6 ˇ 6 H2O trig., P-3c1 IMA 1993-20

7.DG.45. Chelyabinskite group
Chelyabinskite Ca3Si(SO4,CO3)2(OH)6 ˇ 9 H2O (?) orth. H

Chelyabiskite, described without IMA approval, is possibly identical or closely related to thaumasite.

in bold: grandfathered, IMA accepted, renamed and redefined (with IMA approval) minerals,
in normal letters: minerals published without IMA approval, questionable minerals, polytypes

G = Grandfathered minerals: original description preceded the establishment of the CNMNC in 1959, and generally regarded as a valid species
A or IMA No. = Minerals approved by the CNMNC
Rd = Redefinition of the mineral approved by the CNMNC
Rn = Renamed with approval by the CNMNC
GROUP = a name used to designate a group of species
N = Mineral published without approval of the CNMNC
Q = Questionable mineral
H = Hypothetical mineral (synthetic, anthropogenic, etc.)
D = Discredited by the CNMNC
Poly = Polytype

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