according to E.H. Nickel & M.C. Nichols (2009), H. Strunz & E.H. Nickel (2001)

(Sulfates, Selenates, Tellurates, Chromates, Molybdates, Wolframates)

7.B: Sulfates etc. with additional anions, without water

7.BA. With small cations
7.BA.05. Group reserved

7.BB. With medium-sized cations
7.BB.05. Caminite group
Caminite Mg1.4(SO4)(OH)0.8(H2O)0.2 tetr., I41/amd G

7.BB.10. Hauckite group
Hauckite Fe3(Mg,Mn)24Zn18(SO4)4(CO3)2(OH)81 hex. IMA 1979-012

7.BB.15. Antlerite group
Antlerite Cu3(SO4)(OH)4 orth., Pnam A

7.BB.20. Dolerophanite group
Dolerophanite Cu2O(SO4) mon., C2/m FOTOG

7.BB.25. Brochantite group
Brochantite Cu4(SO4)(OH)6 mon., P21/a FOTOA

7.BB.30. Vergasovaite group
Vergasovaite Cu3O(SO4)(MoO4) orth., Pnma IMA 1998-009

7.BB.35. Klebelsbergite group
Klebelsbergite Sb4O4(SO4)(OH)2 orth., Pca21 FOTO Rd

7.BB.40. Schuetteite group
Schuetteite Hg3O2(SO4) trig., P3121 A

7.BB.45. Paraotwayite group
Paraotwayite Ni(SO4,CO3)0.5x(OH)2-x mon. (?) FOTO IMA 1984-045a

7.BB.50. Xocomecatlite group
Xocomecatlite Cu3(TeO4)(OH)4 orth. FOTO IMA 1974-048

7.BB.55. Pauflerite group
Pauflerite (VO)(SO4) orth., Pnma IMA 2005-004

7.BB.60. Grandviewite group *
Grandviewite Cu3Al9(SO4)2(OH)29 IMA 2007-004

7.BC. With medium-sized and large cations
7.BC.05. D'Ansite group
D'Ansite Na21Mg(SO4)10Cl3 cub., I-43d G

7.BC.10. Alunite group
Natroalunite NaAl3(SO4)2(OH)6 trig., R-3m Rd
     Natroalunite-2R NaAl3(SO4)2(OH)6 trig., R-3m Poly
Alunite KAl3(SO4)2(OH)6 trig., R-3m Rd
Ammonioalunite (NH4)Al3(SO4)2(OH)6 trig., R-3m FOTO IMA 1986-037
Schlossmacherite (H3O)Al3(SO4)2(OH)6 trig., R-3m Rd
Huangite Ca0.5Al3(SO4)2(OH)6 trig., R-3m IMA 1991-009
Walthierite Ba0.5Al3(SO4)2(OH)6 trig., R-3m IMA 1991-008
Osarizawaite Pb(Al2Cu)(SO4)2(OH)6 trig., R-3m Rd
Natrojarosite NaFe3(SO4)2(OH)6 trig., R-3m FOTO Rd
Jarosite KFe3(SO4)2(OH)6 trig., R-3m Rd
Ammoniojarosite (NH4)Fe3(SO4)2(OH)6 trig., R-3m Rd
Hydroniumjarosite (H3O)Fe3(SO4)2(OH)6 trig., R-3m Rn
Dorallcharite TlFe3(SO4)2(OH)6 trig., R-3m IMA 1992-041
Argentojarosite AgFe3(SO4)2(OH)6 trig., R-3m Rd
Plumbojarosite Pb0.5Fe3(SO4)2(OH)6 trig., R-3m Rd
Beaverite-(Cu) Pb(Fe2Cu)(SO4)2(OH)6 trig., R-3m Rd, Rn
Beaverite-(Zn) Pb(Fe2Zn)(SO4)2(OH)6 trig., R-3m IMA 2010-086

Natroalunite-2R was originally described as minamiite.

7.BC.15. Ye'elimite group
Ye'elimite Ca4Al6O12(SO4) cub., I4132 FOTO IMA 1984-052

7.BC.20. Nabokite group
Nabokite Cu7TeO4(SO4)5 KCl tetr., P4/ncc IMA 1985-013a
Atlasovite Cu6FeBiO4(SO4)5 KCl tetr., P4/ncc IMA 1986-029

7.BC.25. Chlorothionite group
Chlorothionite K2Cu(SO4)Cl2 tetr., P4/ncc G

7.BC.30. Euchlorine group
Euchlorine KNaCu3O(SO4)3 mon., C2/c G
Fedotovite K2Cu3O(SO4)3 mon., C2/c FOTO IMA 1986-013

7.BC.35. Kamchatkite group
Kamchatkite KCu3O(SO4)2Cl orth., Pna21 IMA 1987-018

7.BC.40. Piypite group
Piypite K2Cu2O(SO4)2 tetr., I4 IMA 1982-097

7.BC.45. Klyuchevskite group
Alumoklyuchevskite K3Cu3AlO2(SO4)4 mon., I2 FOTOIMA 1993-004
Klyuchevskite K3Cu3AlO2(SO4)4 mon., I2 IMA 1987-027

7.BC.50. Caledonite group
Caledonite Pb5Cu2(SO4)3(CO3)(OH)6 orth., Pnm21 G

7.BC.55. Wherryite group
Wherryite Pb7Cu2(SO4)4(SiO4)2(OH)2 mon., C2/m G

7.BC.60. Mammothite group
Mammothite Pb6Cu4SbAlO2(SO4)2(OH)16Cl4 mon., C2/m IMA 1983-076

7.BC.65. Linarite group
Linarite PbCu(SO4)(OH)2 mon., P21/m FOTO G
Munakataite Pb2Cu2(SO4)(SeO3)(OH)4 mon., P21/m IMA 2007-012
Schmiederite Pb2Cu2(SeO4)(SeO3)(OH)4 mon., P21/m G

7.BC.70. Chenite group
Chenite Pb4Cu(SO4)2(OH)6 tric., P-1 IMA 1983-069

7.BC.75. Krivovichevite group
Krivovichevite Pb3Al(OH)6(SO4)(OH) trig., R3c IMA 2004-053

7.BC.80. Anhydrokainite group
Anhydrokainite KMg(SO4)Cl Q

7.BC.85. Adranosite group *
Adranosite (NH4)4NaAl2(SO4)4Cl(OH)2 tetr., I41acd FOTO IMA 2008-057
Adranosit-(Fe) (NH4)4NaFe2(SO4)4Cl(OH)2 tetr., I41acd FOTO IMA 2011-006

7.BD. With only large cations
7.BD.05. Sulfohalite group
Sulfohalite Na6(SO4)2FCl cub., Fm-3m G

Sulfohalite was originally described as sulphohalite.

7.BD.10. Galeite group
Galeite Na15(SO4)5F4Cl trig., P31m A
Schairerite Na21(SO4)7F6Cl trig., P31m G

7.BD.15. Kogarkoite group
Kogarkoite Na3(SO4)F mon., P21/m IMA 1970-038

7.BD.20. Cesanite group
Cesanite Na2(NaCa2)(SO4)3(OH) hex., P63/m IMA 1980-023
Caracolite Na2(NaPb2)(SO4)3Cl mon., P21/m G
Aiolosite Na2(Na2Bi)(SO4)3Cl hex., P63/m IMA 2008-015

7.BD.25. Burkeite group
Burkeite Na4(SO4)(CO3) orth., Pbnm G

7.BD.30. Hanksite group
Hanksite KNa22(SO4)9(CO3)2Cl hex., P63/m G

7.BD.35. Cannonite group
Cannonite Bi2O(SO4)(OH)2 mon., P21/c IMA 1992-002

7.BD.40. Lanarkite group
Lanarkite Pb2O(SO4) mon., C2/m G

7.BD.45. Grandreefite group
Grandreefite Pb2(SO4)F2 mon., A2/a IMA 1988-016

7.BD.50. Itoite group
Itoite Pb3GeO2(OH)2(SO4)2 orth., Pnma (?) A

7.BD.55. Chiluite group
Chiluite Bi3O2.5(TeO4)(MoO4) hex., P6322 or other A

7.BD.60. Hectorfloresite group
Hectorfloresite Na9(IO3)(SO4)4 mon, P21/a FOTOIMA 1987-050a

7.BD.65. Pseudograndreefite group
Pseudograndreefite Pb6(SO4)F10 orth., F222 IMA 1988-017

7.BD.70. Sundiusite group
Sundiusite Pb10O8(SO4)Cl10 mon., C2 or other IMA 1979-044

in bold: grandfathered, IMA accepted, renamed and redefined (with IMA approval) minerals,
in normal letters: minerals published without IMA approval, questionable minerals, polytypes

G = Grandfathered minerals: original description preceded the establishment of the CNMNC in 1959, and generally regarded as a valid species
A or IMA No. = Minerals approved by the CNMNC
Rd = Redefinition of the mineral approved by the CNMNC
Rn = Renamed with approval by the CNMNC
GROUP = a name used to designate a group of species
N = Mineral published without approval of the CNMNC
Q = Questionable mineral
H = Hypothetical mineral (synthetic, anthropogenic, etc.)
D = Discredited by the CNMNC
Poly = Polytype

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