according to E.H. Nickel & M.C. Nichols (2009), H. Strunz & E.H. Nickel (2001)


8.A: Phosphates etc. without additional anions, without water

8.AA. With small cations
8.AA.05. Berlinite group
Berlinite Al(PO4) trig., P3121 G
Rodolicoite Fe(PO4) trig., P3121 FOTO IMA 1995-038
Alarsite Al(AsO4) trig., P3121 IMA 1993-004

8.AA.10. Beryllonite group
Beryllonite NaBe(PO4) mon., P21/c FOTO G

8.AA.15. Hurlbutite group
Hurlbutite CaBe2(PO4)2 mon., P21/a G

8.AA.20. Lithiophosphate group
Lithiophosphate Li3(PO4) orth., Pmn21 G

8.AA.25. Nalipoite group
Nalipoite Li2Na(PO4) orth., Pmnb IMA 1990-030

8.AA.30. Olympite group
Olympite LiNa5(PO4)2 orth., 212121 IMA 1979-065

8.AB. With medium-sized cations
8.AB.05. Farringtonite group
Farringtonite Mg3(PO4)2 mon., P21/n FOTO A

8.AB.10. Heterosite group
Purpurite (Mn3+,Fe3+)(PO4) orth., Pmnb FOTO G
Heterosite Fe3+(PO4) Pmnb G
Lithiophilite LiMn2+(PO4) Pmnb FOTO G
Triphylite LiFe2+(PO4) Pmnb G
Natrophilite NaMn2+(PO4) Pmnb G
Karenwebberite NaFe2+(PO4) orth., Pbnm IMA 2011-015
Ferrisicklerite Li1-x(Fe3+,Mn2+)(PO4) orth. G
Sicklerite LiMn2+(PO4) orth., Pmnb G
Simferite Li(Mg,Fe3+,Mn3+)2(PO4)2 orth., Pbnm or Pbn21 IMA 1989-016

8.AB.15. Sarcopside group
Chopinite Mg3(PO4)2 mon., P21/b IMA 2006-004
Zavalíaite Mn2+3(PO4)2 mon., P21/c IMA 2011-012
Sarcopside Fe2+3(PO4)2 mon., P21/a G

8.AB.20. Graftonite group
Graftonite (Fe2+,Mn2+,Ca)3(PO4)2 mon., P21/b G
Beusite Mn2+Fe2+2(PO4)2 mon., P21/c FOTO IMA 1968-012

8.AB.25. Xanthiosite group
Xanthiosite Ni3(PO4)2 mon., P21/a ENTDECKUNGRd

8.AB.30. Lammerite group
Lammerite Cu3(AsO4)2 mon., P21/a IMA 1980-016
Lammerite-beta Cu3(AsO4)2 mon., P21/c IMA 2009-002

8.AB.35. Stranskiite group
Stranskiite CuZn2(AsO4)2 tric., P-1 A
Mcbirneyite Cu3(VO4)2 tric., P-1 FOTO IMA 1985-007
Pseudolyonsite Cu3(VO4)2 mon., P21/b IMA 2009-062

8.AB.40. Lyonsite group
Lyonsite Cu2+3Fe3+4(VO4)6 orth., Pmcn FOTO IMA 1986-041

8.AC. With large and medium-sized cations
8.AC.05. Howardevandite group
Howardevansite NaCu2+Fe3+2(VO4)3 tric., P-1 IMA 1987-011

8.AC.10. Alluaudite group
Maghagendorfite (Na,)MgMn2+(Fe2+,Fe3+)2(PO4)3 mon. A
Hagendorfite NaCaMn2+Fe2+2(PO4)3 mon., C2/c FOTO G
Alluaudite (Na,Ca)2(Mn,Mg,Fe2+)(Fe3+,Mn2+)2(PO4)3 mon., C2/c Rd
Ferroalluaudite NaFe2+Fe3+2(PO4)3 mon. Rn
Varulite NaCaMn2+3(PO4)3 mon., C2/c G
Caryinite (Ca,Na)(Na,Pb)CaMn2+2(AsO4)3 mon., I2/a A
Groatite NaCaMn2+2(PO4)(PO3OH)2 mon., B2/b IMA 2008-054
Manitobaite Na16Mn2+25Al8(PO4)30 mon., Pb IMA 2008-064
Arseniopleite (Ca,Na)(Na,Pb)Mn2+(Mn2+,Mg,Fe3+)2(AsO4)3 mon., P2/a A
Bradaczekite NaCu4(AsO4)3 mon., B2/b IMA 2000-002
O'Danielite H2NaZn3(AsO4)3 mon., C2/c IMA 1979-040
Johillerite NaCuMg3(AsO4)3 mon., C2/c IMA 1980-014
Nickenichite Na0.8Ca0.4Cu0.4(Mg,Fe)3(AsO4)3 mon., C2/c FOTO IMA 1992-014
Yazganite NaMgFe3+2(AsO4)3 · H2O mon., B2/b IMA 2003-033

8.AC.15. Wyllieite group
Ferrorosemaryite NaFe2+Fe3+Al(PO4)3 mon., P21/n IMA 2003-063
Rosemaryite NaMn2+Fe3+Al(PO4)3 mon., P21/b A
Bobfergusonite Na2Mn2+5Fe3+Al(PO4)6 mon., P2/b IMA 1984-072
Qingheiite NaMn3+MgAl(PO4)3 mon., P21/b IMA 1981-051
Qingheiite-(Fe2+) Na2Fe2+MgAl(PO4)3 mon., P21/m IMA 2009-076
Ferrowyllieite (Na,Ca,Mn,)2Fe2+2Al(PO4)3 mon., P21/b IMA 1972-015
Wyllieite (Na,Ca,Mn,)2Mn2+2Al(PO4)3 mon., P21/n A

8.AC.20. Maricite group
Marićite NaFe2+(PO4) orth., Pmna IMA 1976-024

8.AC.25. Berzeliite group
Berzeliite NaCa2Mg2(AsO4)3 cub., Ia3d A
Manganberzeliite NaCa2Mn2+2(AsO4)3 cub., Ia3d G
Schäferite NaCa2Mg2(VO4)3 cub., Ia3d IMA 1997-048
Palenzonaite NaCa2Mn2+2(VO4)3 cub., Ia3d FOTO IMA 1986-011

8.AC.30. Brianite group
Brianite Na2CaMg(PO4)2 mon., P21/a IMA 1966-030

8.AC.35. Vitusite group
Vitusite-(Ce) Na3Ce(PO4)2 orth., Pca21 IMA 1976-055

8.AC.40. Olgite group
Olgite Na(Sr,Ba)(PO4) trig., P-3m1 IMA 1979-027
Bario-Olgite Na(Na,Sr,Ce)2Ba(PO4)2 trig., P-3m1 IMA 2003-002

8.AC.45. Whitlockite group
Whitlockite Ca9Mg(PO3OH)(PO4)6 trig., R3c G
Bobdownsite Ca9Mg(PO3F)(PO4)6 trig., R3c IMA 2008-037
Strontiowhitlockite Sr9Mg(PO3OH)(PO4)6 trig., R3c IMA 1989-040
Merrillite NaCa9Mg(PO4)7 trig., R3c Rd
Ferromerrillite NaCa9Fe(PO4)7 trig., R3c IMA 2006-039
Tuite Ca3(PO4)2 trig., R-3m IMA 2001-070

8.AC.50. Fillowite group
Galileiite Na2Fe8(PO4)6 trig., R-3 IMA 1996-028
Chladniite Na2CaMg7(PO4)6 trig., R-3 IMA 1993-010
Fillowite Na2CaMn7(PO4)6 trig., R-3 A
Johnsomervilleite Na10Ca6Mg18Fe25(PO4)36 trig., R-3 (?) IMA 1979-032
Stornesite-(Y) Na6(Ca5Na3)YMg43(PO4)36 trig., R-3 IMA 2005-040
Xenophyllit Na4Fe7(PO4)6 tric., P-1 IMA 2006-006

8.AC.55. Harrisonite group
Harrisonite CaFe6(SiO4)2(PO4)2 trig., R-3m IMA 1991-010

8.AC.60. Kosnarite group
Kosnarite KZr2(PO4)3 trig., R-3c FOTO IMA 1991-022

8.AC.65. Panethite group
Panethite (Na,Ca,K)1-x(Mg,Fe,Mn)(PO4) mon., P21/b IMA 1966-035

8.AC.70. Stanfieldite group
Stanfieldite Ca4Mg5(PO4)6 mon., C2/c FOTO IMA 1966-045

8.AC.75. Ronneburgite group
Ronneburgite K2MnV4O12 mon., P21/n FOTO ENTDECKUNG IMA 1998-069

8.AC.80. Tillmannsite group
Tillmannsite (HgAg3)(VO4) tetr., I4 IMA 2001-010

8.AC.85. Filatovite group
Filatovite K(Al,Zn)2(As,Si)2O8 mon., I2/c IMA 2002-052

8.AD. With large cations
8.AD.05. Nahpoite group
Nahpoite Na2(PO3OH) mon., P21/m IMA 1981-002

8.AD.10. Monetite group
Monetite Ca(PO3OH) tric., P-1 G
Weilite Ca(AsO3OH) tric., P-1 FOTO ENTDECKUNG IMA 1963-006
Švenekite (Svenekite) Ca(H2AsO4)2 tric., P-1 FOTO IMA 1999-007

8.AD.15. Biphosphammite group
Archerite K(H2PO4) tetr., I-42d IMA 1975-008
Biphosphammite (NH4)(H2PO4) tetr., I4122 G

8.AD.20. Phosphammite group
Phosphammite (NH4)2(PO3OH) mon., P21/c G

8.AD.25. Buchwaldite group
Buchwaldite NaCa(PO4) orth., Pmn21 IMA 1975-041

8.AD.30. Schultenite group
Schultenit Pb(AsO3OH) mon., P2/a G

8.AD.35. Xenotime group
Pretulite Sc(PO4) tetr., I41/amd IMA 1996-024
Xenotime-(Y) Y(PO4) tetr., I41/amd A
Xenotime-(Yb) Yb(PO4) tetr., I41/amd IMA 1998-049
Chernovite-(Y) Y(AsO4) tetr., I41/amd FOTO IMA 1967-027
Wakefieldite-(Y) Y(VO4) tetr., I41/amd Rn
Wakefieldite-(La) La(VO4) tetr., I41/amd FOTO ENTDECKUNGIMA 1989-035a
Wakefieldite-(Ce) Ce(VO4) tetr., I41/amd Rn
Wakefieldite-(Nd) Nd(VO4) tetr., I41/amd IMA 2008-031
Dreyerite Bi(VO4) tetr., I41/amd IMA 1978-077

8.AD.40. Pucherite group
Pucherite Bi(VO4) orth., Pnca FOTO ENTDECKUNGG

8.AD.45. Ximengite group
Ximengite Bi(VO4) trig., P3121 (?) IMA 1985-004

8.AD.50. Monazite group
Monazite-(La) La(PO4) mon., P21/n FOTO A
Monazite-(Ce) Ce(PO4) mon., P21/n FOTO A
Monazite-(Nd) Nd(PO4) mon., P21/n IMA 1986-052
Monazite-(Sm) Sm(PO4) mon., P21/n IMA 2002-001
Cheralite CaTh(PO4)2 mon. FOTO A
Gasparite-(Ce) Ce(AsO4) mon., P21/n FOTO IMA 1986-031
Rooseveltite Bi(AsO4) mon., P21/n G

8.AD.55. Tetrarooseveltite group
Tetrarooseveltite Bi(AsO4) tetr., I41/a IMA 1993-006

8.AD.60. Chursinite group
Chursinite Hg3(AsO4) mon., P21/c IMA 1982-047

8.AD.65. Clinobisvanite group
Clinobisvanite Bi(VO4) mon., I2/a FOTO IMA 1973-040

in bold: grandfathered, IMA accepted, renamed and redefined (with IMA approval) minerals,
in normal letters: minerals published without IMA approval, questionable minerals, polytypes

G = Grandfathered minerals: original description preceded the establishment of the CNMNC in 1959, and generally regarded as a valid species
A or IMA No. = Minerals approved by the CNMNC
Rd = Redefinition of the mineral approved by the CNMNC
Rn = Renamed with approval by the CNMNC
GROUP = a name used to designate a group of species
N = Mineral published without approval of the CNMNC
Q = Questionable mineral
H = Hypothetical mineral (synthetic, anthropogenic, etc.)
D = Discredited by the CNMNC
Poly = Polytype

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